2016 BMW M8 Price, Specs and Review


2016 BMW M8 is one among all kinds of 2016 car model that are supposed to be released and produced by this time of year. You see, we are talking about brand new supercar here. So, it is obvious that its price would just be as high as the sky. There is not even need to ask about it.

2016 BMW M8 Coupe

The High Price Tagged on 2016 BMW M8

Your common knowledge of supercar should have been able to lead you to the conclusion of how much the price range of this car would be. So, what do you know about supercar? Does it have something to do with sports car? Indeed, it is true to think that both of those cars are related.

The main characteristics of both are not even that much different from each other. Just like sports cars, supercars are exceptional in their performance compared to other standard cars. However, if compared to sports cars, supercars are way higher in their performance. You need to note this.

High performance means high quality too. So, it is only a given for it to be priced with really high price. Of course, it would even be higher than sports cars’.  For 2016 model of BMW M8, many reviewers agree that the price might just be around $330,000. See? This price can be this high.

However, this is what most people have thought about it. After the release of this car, it is not unexpected if the price elevates. The price of 2016 BMW M8 might be high, but if you pay attention to its quality, you can understand why the price can’t be less than what has been thought before.

The Superb Quality of 2016 BMW M8

With the price as high as $330,000, you must be wondering what you can really get from this car, right? You don’t have to worry for you can’t expect no less from 2016 BMW M8 model. From its exterior to start, this brand new supercar will come to offer you the aerodynamic look of race car.

It has long V hood and sleek lines that enhance the exterior even more. Not to mention, it might just come with new headlights with laser light technology. Meanwhile, its interior has very modern look on it. Moreover, this car will be equipped with high security systems, like cameras, cruise control, etc.

You can expect to get amazing cockpit from it as well. It is because this car has been designed to have true sports steering wheel with controls and new gearbox. How about the engine then? Of course, this supercar will come with really powerful engine to ensure excellent performance for you.

Why, of course? It has been said that this supercar has twin turbo V-8 engine in it. This engine is capable of producing up to 600 horsepower. With that, it can accelerate in only 3 seconds from 0 to 60 mph. What could be better than that? You will never make wrong choice of 2016 BMW M8.

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