2016 BMW X7 Price, Specs and Review


2016 BMW X7 might just be the car you are looking for this year. Why, of course, as one of the new-released cars from 2016 model, this car will be sure to come and surprise you with what it has been made to be. However much it is priced for, we can say that it is worth to spend every of your penny.

2016 BMW X7 Price

2016 BMW X7 Coming as Full-Size SUV

Every new released car must have special features among all the things it can offer to the buyers. Those special features can just be anything and they are usually not a small deal you can get from the cars. Speaking about such feature, something special about this car might just lie in its size.

You see, this car we are talking about here is part of the Bavarian car maker’s plan of expanding the line-up of SUVs. Yes, BMW X7 is an SUV car. However, it is not the normal SUV car you used to know before. This is also the most different one compared to all SUVs in the current line up from X7 model.

Let’s make it clear here that this very car is created to be the largest one in BMW’s family. It will also become the largest SUV by the luxury German manufacturer. Although there has been no exact information about 2016 BMW X7 dimensions, you can believe that it will truly come as full-size SUV.

Of course, this car is also build to compete with other SUVs in full-size luxury. Did you know? 2016 BMW X7 is said to be capable of even competing with the popular Mercedes Benz G, Cadillac Escalade, Audi Q7, Infinity QX 80, and even Lexus LX. This just proves how high its quality as SUV is.

2016 BMW X7 Coming with Great Design

Now, that you know this car coming as SUV in full size, you should have guessed already that 2016 BMW X7 interior is roomy. Why, of course, it is because this car has its body slightly stretched to give more room in the cabin. As a result, this SUV can appear to offer you up to three rows of seats in.

With that much of seat in the cabin, this car can be sure to hold up to 7 passengers. Of course, what can be bragged about from its interior is not only about its roomy space. This car is also stylish in its interior design, giving the feel of driving in luxury. It is the brand new, full-size, luxury SUV after all.

What’s more? Its interior will also be filled with lots of latest technology features. There should be modern system controls of navigation, security, safety, entertainment, etc. How about the design of its exterior then? You know that this car is SUV, so you can expect how big this car might be for you.

However, this car has sloping arch on its roofline, making the car has not that boxy look on it. It is all because this car is made by following BMW’s new design language. It is said to share many similar things with X5 and X6 models. Of course, much larger in size is what’s clear about 2016 BMW X7.

2016 BMW X7 SUV2016 BMW X7 Interior

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