2016 Buick Riviera Concept, Price and Specs


Today, there are many cars made in China. One of the best products is 2016 Buick Riviera. This car is produced by GM Production Company and belongs to luxury car. If you are interested to know it more, you can pay attention to its review below.

2016 Buick Riviera Price

2016 Buick Riviera Exterior Design and Interior

Starts from the exterior, this car can be considered as one of the most luxurious cars produced by Buick. This luxury car is not only awesome and elegant but also stylish and luxurious. Even more, it is also very smooth as well as aerodynamic because it can flow like water & devised its grille as a waterfall so that it is really interesting.

Based on the style, this luxury car is very attractive so that it will easily make many buyers interested. This car is very good and enjoyable to be used for daily use or certain purpose like vacation. Besides elegant and luxurious, Buick Riviera also offers aggressive features so that everyone will be much more attracted such as the aerodynamic feature.

Moves to 2016 Buick Riviera interior, it also offers as amazing as its exterior. The features & design are really futuristic wholly. The materials used can reduce the noise and improve the performance as well as make the atmosphere better. That is why you will be amazed with it.

The trim comes with aluminum & ebony for the cabin whereas the seats are made from leather so that you will feel very comfortable. 2016 Buick Riviera also offers advanced techs that make it more useful. There are also some sophisticated techs such as wireless plug-in hybrid electric vehicle population system, 4-wheel steering, high-speed 4G LTE network, etc.

2016 Buick Riviera Engine Specs

Actually, there is no official information yet about the engine that will be used. However, there are many people who believe that this luxury car will have some options of engine. The first option is hybrid version, all-electronic power-train, conventional engine, and combo of electric motor.

Besides that, there are also rumors which say that this luxury car will come with AMT gearbox as well as AWD. However, it will be better that we wait for the official information. Anyway, with the engine options above, 2016 Buick Riviera performance will not disappoint you.

2016 Buick Riviera Release Date and Price

After you know some of the specs above, you may need to know when this luxury car will be released officially. Unfortunately, it is also not informed yet. However, this car seems to be released in the early of 2017 so that you need to wait for it until next year.

Lastly, it is also important to know about the price of this luxury car. However, the price is still unknown and it is very difficult to guess the price because the specs known are not complete yet. For sure, the price will be reasonable customizing the specs. Anyway, 2016 Buick Riviera can be one of the best cars to buy.


2016 Buick Riviera comes with very elegant designs both exterior and interior. It may come with some engine options but the price and released date are still unknown yet.

2016 Buick Riviera Concept 2016 Buick Riviera Interior

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