2016 Chevy Nova SS Concept Price Revealed


To meet the people’s need of car, Chevrolet produces 2016 Chevy Nova. This is one of the best car products made by Chevrolet in this year. That is why there are many people who are curious about its design, engine, and other techs & features. Therefore, it will be better that you pay attention to the following review below.

2016 Chevy Nova Concept

2016 Chevy Nova Price and Release Date

If you are interested in this car, you should buy this Chevy car in this year but when can you buy this? Of course you need to wait until its official release date. It may be launched in the end of this year but it is also possible to be released sooner. Anyway, it will be better for you to be patient.

While waiting its official release date, you should prepare your money from now. If you want to buy 2016 Chevrolet Nova, you need to spend about $ 50,000 for the base model. This price is affordable enough after you know the specs wholly. So, you do not need to worry to spend money that much because you will not be disappointed.

2016 Chevy Nova Exterior and Interior

Now, it is time to talk about its design where this car comes with updated look. You can see the custom bumper on the front and rear, LED taillights, and LED flip signals that come with headlights. Overall, the exterior looks very stylish and elegant so that it is really attractive. This attractive look is believed to be very effective to attract many buyers.

For the interior, 2016 Chevy Nova comes with amazing design. You can see custom rear spoiler, wing air extractor made from fiberglass, custom graphics, and some other good designs. Besides that, it will also make you feel so comfortable. Overall, the interior is really satisfying.

Based on the concept, it belongs to sport car. This sport car is very appropriate for anyone including for young people or older because of the elegant look and safe driving. You will find that this sport car can meet what you need for a car today. For the model, it comes in 5 different models that you can choose.

2016 Chevy Nova Features

There are many 2016 Chevy Nova features applied that you can enjoy. For example, in relation to the engine, this car uses V6 engine where it is able to provide up to 203 horsepower. This power is good enough for a sport car. In addition, this engine will be paired with 5-speed manual transmission.

As it is mentioned above that the performance is good enough but it offers more than it because it is also very fuel efficient. This sport car is very efficient because it can run up to 32 miles per gallon on highways whereas in the city it can reach about 21 miles per gallon.

So, it can be concluded that it is not only powerful but also fuel efficient considering the fuel consumption above. Anyway, 2016 Chevy Nova is reasonable to one of the most recommended sport cars in this year.


2016 Chevy Nova is a sport car that is not only powerful but also fuel efficient. For the base model, it is priced about $ 50,000 with 203 horsepower.

2016 Chevy Nova SS2016 Chevy Nova Interior

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