2016 Dodge Avenger XT Price, Specs and MPG Result


The good news about the releases of Dodge Avenger takes everyone by surprises. There is latest rumor that this brand faces discontinuation and there would not be any more products from this line. However, this Dodge is surprisingly going got the others at it with the releases of 2016 Dodge Avenger.

2016 Dodge Avenger Price

Perhaps, it could be the last one before eventual discontinuation of this vehicle. Historically, the original of Dodge Avenger is released back on 1995 for first times. It is the first mid-sedan car which is offered by this line. It provides as initially pretty good options and interesting offers for the most. But, the popularities of these cars subside on recent times and there are not lots of recent releases which convince enough for keeping this vehicle on the auto markets.

For latest cars are going to address several issues which the cars had with latest version but many people assume that it will not save them from being discontinuation. 2016 dodge avenger model would get lots of updates.

Potentially, the changes would focus on the performances by enhancing the specs of cars. For the last releases, it probably includes the larger prices that somehow do not fair good for the popularities, but the updated looks and innovations techniques which the cars come with.

2016 Dodge Avenger exterior reviews

Due to the facts that this car will be the last releases of Dodge Avenger line, 2016 dodge avenger only would feature slight variations. It means that the vehicle would be updated with the only minor changes which will not affect the exterior of 2016 dodge avenger too much.

Possibly, Dodge would feel that this is not necessary for put so much resources to completely improve the vehicle so closes to the discontinuation. By this, the latest models would be offered with only few changes. What are initially expected for being changed and seen are the styles of its bumper and redesigned fender.

Additionally, there is talk about adding the halogen light. This would be made a little bit wider with the blinker added beneath on L-shaped ways. For the wheels, it will be updated by using 18-inch wheels. However, the 2016 dodge avenger design would still retain the attractive forms that are the characteristics of the car through its existences.

This car will be always handsome and it offers the design which attracts lots of people. For this newest Dodge Avenger, it would continue on with the similar premises and would add several additions for enhancing the exteriors looks.

2016 Dodge Avenger interior reviews

Since 2016 dodge avenger is a kind of upcoming and new car, the discussion about interior is not so much. This line would get updated interior but this is uncertain to which extents. However, many experts guess that the changes will go just the same thing done with its exteriors.

In other words, there will be not many efforts on revolutionary designing or drastically on the interior. The comfort level will be the sounds since those are on previous incarnation of Avenger. For the entire updates, it would be the modest at the best. For this purpose, the update would include the presence of new seat cover. Besides, it will get some advanced improvement technologically.


2016 Dodge Avenger is the last one which is released by the company. It will get some changes and improvements only a little for interior and exterior.

2016 Dodge Avenger SXT 2016 Dodge Avenger Interior

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