2016 Dodge Dakota Quad Cab Price and Review


When discuss about mid-size truck segments, every people could not overpass Dodge Dakota car. Recently, there are lots of plan to bring back this legendary brand that is considered as one of most famous and dominant car on the segments. The last version of Dakota is released back officially on 2012 as the productions of this truck are ended. But today, there will be 2016 Dodge Dakota which is eagerly awaited to comeback as mid-size truck that always on the top list of the auto market.

2016 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab

The first model of dodge Dakota is introduced at 1986 and it is immediately to be famous choice among lots of fans. Even, this car enters on the services of the firefighter and police services as really helpful additions on their fleets.

Others surprised thing is this dodge Dakota is the first truck segment that uses V8 engine as optional choices. Unfortunately, the production is ended around 2004 with overprices. In other words, this car ends with discontinuation for some years.

2016 Dodge Dakota: the concept

But today, the dodge Dakota is back and the presence of 2016 Dodge Dakota is much more than apparent. There is lots of good news about the releases of this vehicle which are welcomed with lots attentions.

Numerous fans hope that they finally could get the cars which have been waiting for some long years. For the 2016 dodge Dakota concept, presumably it will get smaller cargo areas and more comfortable interiors. Many fans also expect that the modern addition and dynamic features would return as well.

2016 Dodge Dakota: the exterior

As today we enter new areas of modern car, this is no doubt that this dodge Dakota also would adapt the need of new market. As mentioned before, the cargo areas would be smaller but its dimension is quite larger.

From this 2016 dodge Dakota exterior concept, it can be known that Dakota concentrates more on providing better specs and comfort on the insides. This vehicle would get crisper liner with streamlined appearances.

The newest dodge Dakota is the fourth generation where many people assume that there will be modern features as standard part of the exterior designs. For instance, with the addition of chrome part, it is more than just apparent and its front side would receive larger update. Its front grille is chromium and its line of sides of cabin would include the similar additions.

2016 Dodge Dakota: the interior

There will be many talks when it comes to the interior of newest Dakota. Unfortunately, there is still no confirmation how this car will look like exactly. However, this 2016 dodge Dakota would surely be overhauled completely on its inside as the manufacturer plans to make this car as one of really modern and comfortable vehicles.

By this, several contemporary additions are on lines for being added. This 2016 Dodge Dakota would get more spaces inside and with new updated seats. It means that this car offers comfier thin as well as soft material on its seats and more headroom and legroom. For knowing the price and release date of this pickup truck, you just have to be patient until the announcement from the manufacturer officially.


2016 Dodge Dakota is fourth generation of dodge Dakota that offers some contemporary features and components either for the exterior or interior.

2016 Dodge Dakota Sport2016 Dodge Dakota Interior

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