2016 Dodge Dart SRT4 Price and Specs


Always, the American finest sedan model gas managed for getting the fans excited would be unleashed to the automarket sooner. However, its previous model is shot lived and it never fulfills actually the expectation of its fans. By this, there will be 2016 Dodge Dart srt4 as upcoming vehicle with some great changes.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 Release Date

The manufacturer revealed that this new car will utilize the similar platforms as its current model. But, all the differentiation you can know is its better transmission and engine. The launch of this vehicle is highlight of future products within Dodge portfolio. This car would come as both the turbo charged and AWD model.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 interior and exterior overviews

This newest sedan would score highly with its attractive exclusive interior trims options and many items that include climate control, mirrors, and power lock features. Also, this vehicle would make strong appeal to safety savvy customers.

For 2016 Dodge Dart srt4 safety features, it would include 10 airbags, automatic stability control, rear cross lane warning, traction control, parking sensor, and blind spot monitoring. The cabin on this car would be features by latest soft to touch material that enables the cabins for being more elegant and sleek.

The dodge do not make any kind of major to the vehicle, it is as the results of success which is achieved by its previous model. It will want to make any kind of significant improvements and changes that probably alter its previously celebrated performances.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 colors would be available on palette colors. It would appeal to most car fans. Those colors would resemble those on current standard dart. Those would include vitamin C, laser blue, and passion red.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 engine equipment overview

For its exterior revamps, it will include the increased aerodynamic pattern which not only would increase the aesthetic appeals but also would increase down performances and forces. This car will be featured with 17 inch of allow wheel for much better driveability.

Instead of better exterior and interior design, 2016 Dodge Dart srt4 will come with new engine equipments. It is going to receive 2.4 liter turbocharged inline four-engine that can produce enough power for propelling this new dart.

The industry experts assume that this new dart engine would be able for generating maximum output up to 300 pounds lb ft for the torque and 300 horsepower. This engine would be mated with new version of nine-speed automatic transmission systems that would transfer the powers to the whole wheels. By means of acceleration, this car takes about six seconds from 0 up to 60 mph and its top speed is limited to 140 mph.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 release date and price

This new dart is wished to make its debut toward the closes of this year or 2016. Regarding to its great features and specs, this 2016 Dodge Dart srt4 would most possibly demand the msrp around 30,000 USD. However, the pertaining information about release date and price is still speculative. Thus, you should be update and stay tune on its official website to know the recent information about this new dart.


2016 Dodge Dart srt4 offers new better transmission and engine equipments. With those new features, the price would be possibly rather expensive.

2016 Dodge Dart srt4 Interior2016 Dodge Dart srt4 Black

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