2016 Dodge Rampage Truck Release Date and Specs


Finding the best car for adventure is important because with the best car you can enjoy your time. One of the best car for the choices is 2016 Dodge Rampage. It is one of the big car coming from Dodge manufacture with some kinds of new features. Now, let us see how the complete specification of this car will pleasant you in your adventure!

2016 Dodge Rampage Specs

2016 Dodge Rampage complete specification

The concept of this nice 2016 Dodge Rampage is actually a truck. This car has big space behind as the place to carry some of your stuff when you are in your adventure. The dimension of this car is big with 22-inch in wheel size. I am sure that with the big dimension and some of great exteriors, it will give the stable performance in every road.

What make the exterior special is the use of the new lighting in its face. The lighting is bigger than the previous version and it is nice with the crystal look. Besides the lighting, Dodge applies new bumper there. The big new bumper will renew its strength and make this car has high in authority.

Still talking about the exterior of this 2016 Dodge Rampage, there are several color variations, which can be your choices. The manufacture says that grey is one of the best color of it. However, there are some other choices for you, such as black, red, blue and others. Just see the catalogue of this car to know the availability of its color before choosing.

Now, let us look what happen inside this car. Four big seats fulfill the interior of this nice 2016 Dodge Rampage with the leather as the basic material of it. Inside the car, the manufacture applies some new features, such as the new GPS, the new handle, the new dashboard and others. With some kinds of the new features, I am sure that you also will have new adventure with this car!

Well performance of 2016 Dodge Rampage

For the next section, let us see about the detail of this performance of car. Talking about the performance of car, we will directly see the detail of its engine. Then, what happen inside the engine of this car? Is the engine of this car powerful to pleasant us in enjoying our adventure?

You do not need to worry about the performance this car because the manufacture gives the new concept there. Inside this car, there is 5.7L V8 HEMI engine, which is completed with Chrysler’s Multi Displacement System. It is one of the new and powerful engine from Dodge and this engine is able to give you up to 345 horsepower.

The engine of this car is also nice with its 5-speed automatic transmission, so that you will have the smooth journey. In other hand, there is also turbo-speed inside the engine to boost the speed when you find the straight road. How about the engine efficiency? New tech will give the better MPG score there.

We know that this car can be one of the special choice for you. Here, the manufacture says that this 2016 Dodge Rampage will be able in the market in the end of this year. Then, the assumed price of this nice truck is around $30,000 to $40,000.


2016 Dodge Rampage is one of the great outdoor car and it will be nice choice when you want to renew the sense of your adventure with friends.

2016 Dodge Rampage Truck 2016 Dodge Rampage Interior

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