2016 Ford Atlas Price and Interior Specs


One of the great car as the consideration when you want to renew the sense of adventure is 2016 Ford Atlas. As we know, Ford is one of the worldwide car manufactures and their product has high level in performance. Now, let us see how this car will bring you to enjoy your adventure. I hope it can be nice information for you all!

2016 Ford Atlas Release Date

Complete specification of 2016 Ford Atlas

Before choosing this car as your favorite choice, let us see some details of its specification. Of course, knowing the specification of this car is important to know its performance. The manufacture says that inside this car, they give some new developments of features. Let us see some of it here.

What makes this car special is the new concept of its double-deck front light. The front light of this nice 2016 Ford Atlas has bigger dimension than the previous version and it will make it more beautiful. In other hand, the new aluminum bumper is also adapted by the manufacture to increase the strength of the car.

Then, how about the stability of car? New four big wheel with 22-inch in size are adapted there. The wheel is nice and it will increase the stability of car even you drive in the difficult road. Then, inside this car, big leather seat will provide the comfortable place to sit and to enjoy your adventure with your friends.

Not only leather seats, this 2016 Ford Atlas also have the bigger space inside the car. The bigger space will be the nice place to rest when you are tired in driving. In other hand, some new features in its dashboard – such as entertainment tool, GPS, and others will increase its performance. I am sure that your adventure will be more colorful with this car!

Engine of 2016 Ford Atlas

Now, let us see what happen inside the engine of this car. We all know that the engine is one of the most important part of the car because it will influence the whole performance of it. Then, what happen with the engine of this special 2016 Ford Atlas? Could it bring us to have the enjoyable adventure with friends?

For the engine, the manufacture applies the new concept there. There is 5.0L V8 engine inside this car and it will be able to provide up to 360 horsepower for you. Then, the engine of this car is also special with the use of 6-speed automatic for the smooth driving in any kind of road.

In other hand, the manufacture also says that this car is nice in fuel usage. The rate of efficiency is high and the new tech of it decreases the level of pollution. You will have well green car when choosing it as your favorite.

Then, how about the price of this 2016 Ford Atlas? The manufacture says that the price of it will be around $51,000. In other side, they also say that this car will come to the market in the middle of year as the product of 2017. I am sure that it will be nice choice for you, so please prepare yourself well to get it!


2016 Ford Atlas is one of the special choices of car when you want to have the powerful car with new concept in design and engine.

2016 Ford Atlas Truck 2016 Ford Atlas Interior

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