2016 Ford Excursion XLT Price and Specs


Are you looking for a new great family car to pleasant your family in every journey? Well, here the 2016 Ford Excursion can be one of your best wish list! Ford says that this Excursion will be one of the best new products. As we know, Ford is a famous car manufacture in the world and the product of them has high level in quality. Now, see some details of this car below!

2016 Ford Excursion Price

2016 Ford Excursion whole specification

For the first, we will talk about the specification of 2016 Ford Excursion. What makes this car special is the design of its exterior. The big dimension of this car lead it look strong and special. In other hand, there is a well combination between the big bumper in the front of this car – with “FORD” character there and the big wheel of car to increase its stability in strange roads.

Still talking about the exterior of car, you will see the new simple front light there to increase its authority. Then, about the color variation of it, the manufacture says that the favorite color is white. The white will tell about the elegance and purity, so you will have an excellent and meaningful journey with your family.

Move to the interior space, you will see the different detail here. The interior of this 2016 Ford Excursion is smooth and comfortable. There are great leather seats for seven passengers inside this car. Then, the larger space is appropriate as the resting place when you are tired in your journey. Some new features, such as feature of dashboard, handle, entertainment tool, and others will color your journey.

Powerful engine of 2016 Ford Excursion

Now, let us talk about the engine of 2016 Ford Excursion to know its performance in our journey. Here, the manufacture gives two options of the engine of car. The first option is 5.8L V8 engine and it will give up to 420 horsepower for you. Then, the second option is 3.6L V8 engine with the EcoBoost technology, which will give the great performance and low pollution.

You can compare the two options of the available engine as above. However, in general, the two engines in the options apply the new concept of car engine and it is completed with turbo-boost tech. Then, what make this engine of car special is the new tech to decrease its pollution and new tech to increase the efficiency of use of fuel.

I am sure that the combination of the powerful engine and low pollution will be the great reason why you need to use it. For the warranty, the manufacture says that three years full warranty are available for the engine. By the warranty, people – and you, do not need to worry when they want to service it to the agent.

Well, based on the explanation above, I am sure that you already have reasons why you need to add this great car in your wish list. Then, how about the price of 2016 Ford Excursion? Unfortunately, the official price of it is still unavailable but seeing the specs of it, the price is assumed around $65,000. This car will be ready in the market in the end of 2016.


2016 Ford Excursion can be great choice when you want to renew your family car. It is big and powerful in its engine.

2016 Ford Excursion Interior2016 Ford Excursion Diesel

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