2016 Ford Lightning Concept, Price and Specs


Vehicle for adventure is one of the important things because it will influence the sense of the adventure. Talking about kinds of vehicle for great adventure, you can see 2016 Ford Lightning as the one of the nice consideration. It is the new product from Ford, which will give the new sense in your driving. Now, let us see some details of this car below.

2016 Ford Lightning SVT

2016 Ford Lightning detail specification

When we are talking about this car, let us start talking about the specification of 2016 Ford Lightning. This car includes in the kind of big truck by its dimension. As the one of the great truck, it has big body with some excellent features there. The bumper of it is big and the wheel of it is also big to give the excellent stability even you drive it in the difficult road.

Still talking about the exterior of this car, you will see the elegant and simple front design. Beside the big bumper in its front, there is a simple logo of Ford with the new concept. The new logo there make it looks stylish and special. Then, several kinds of color variation – as black, red, white and others are available and you can choose what your special color is!

Now, let us see what happen inside this car. Inside 2016 Ford Lightning, the manufacture does some improvement in order to increase the comfortable sense when you are staying there in your adventure. The four leather seats fulfill the interior of this car and it has larger space to lay your tiredness. The seat is special with the combination of black and maroon to provide the stylish look.

In other hand, the manufacture also gives some new features there. The new design of handle will increase the driving experience, so you will have the more challenging adventure. In other hand, the design of the dashboard is also new and some new entertainment tool is added there. With the complete matters of it, I am sure your adventure will be more colorful!

Powerful engine of 2016 Ford Lightning

After talking about the exterior and interior of this car, now let us move talking about the engine of 2016 Ford Lightning. In this matter, the manufacture still keeps the detail engine as the previous version. Here, 5.3L V8 engine is adapted as the machine to control the performance of this car. The manufacture says that this engine is nice and it will give up to 450 horsepower for you.

In other hand, the engine of this car is excellent with the use of the turbo-boost technology there. It is one of the minor developments of the engine of this car. The use of the turbo-boost tech here is nice because you will have better acceleration of car, especially when you want to challenge yourself with its top speed. Of course, you need to be careful here.

Then, don’t forget to see the fuel efficiency of it. Of course, the big engine of this car needs more fuel and you cannot compare the efficiency of this car with sedan! Here, the manufacture says that this car has nice fuel efficiency because it uses the fuel injection technology. Moreover, 2016 Ford Lightning also applies the new tech to decrease the pollution.


2016 Ford Lightning can be one of the special cars when you want to challenge the adventure with your best friends.

2016 Ford Lightning Specs2016 Ford Lightning Interior

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