2016 Ford Ranger XLT Wildtrak Price and Specs


Do you want to buy a new car in the year of 2016? Actually, there are so many cars which can be considered if you are going to buy the car with the great performance and sophisticated appearance. One of the cars which can be considered is 2016 Ford Ranger. This type of car belongs to one of Ford series which will be released in the year of 2016. This type of car comes with the modernity epitome in its class.

2016 Ford Ranger Wildtrack

When it comes to the features of 2016 Ford Ranger, you will see that there are many admirations in the segment of the trucks. The Ford Rangers comes with the sleeker, sportier, and stylish design. Besides that, this type of car also comes with the improved and powerful performance. All of the features make this type of car having the tenacious comeback to the truck segment. Here are some defining features which can be found.

Exterior of 2016 Ford Ranger

Exterior belongs to one of the essential aspect when it comes to the car. The manufacturer of Ford is going to use the platform from Ford Atlas in order to re-design this type of car. Additionally, this car also comes with the more aggressive and rugged appearance which are often expected in most of the truck-car. When it comes to the exterior panels, this type of car will use the aluminum and high resistant steel to dominate the panel.

By using both of aluminum and high resistant steel, it will reduce the height of the car. When you look at the body, you are going to find that this model comes with the wider and longer body than the previous model. Besides that, this car also comes with the new designed bumpers, grille and the new designed chassis. When it comes to the lights, this car is also equipped with the headlights and taillights which will be more ambient and sharper with its LED lighting.

Since this car belongs to truck segment car, you do not need to worry about the luggage space. This car comes with the more space in order to hold the luggage with the capacity up to 1000 pounds. Besides that, the wheel bases of this Ford Rangers are also widened.

Interior of 2016 Ford Ranger

When it comes to the interior of Ford Rangers, this type of car is going to undergo the comprehensive remake and redesign. The interior of this car comes with more spacious, luxurious, and comfortable if compared to its previous model. You will find that there are more headroom and legroom inside this car. The first class fabric material is used for making the seat of this car.

Meanwhile, the front seats have the electricity which is fitted with the screen. The other features which can be found are connectivity of Bluetooth, phone charging, system of modern infotainment, system of air conditioning, system of climate control, traffic control and the others. Besides that, there are also security systems which have 5 star rating of security.

Engine of 2016 Ford Ranger

When it comes to the engine of 2016 Ford Ranger, there are three available engine options which are redesigned for this For Rangers. The first engine is 5 cylinders TDCi which is completed with 197 hp and 3.2 liters. Another engine is diesel TDCi 2.2 liter engine with 385Nm of torque and 158 hp. The last is petrol Duratec engine with 2.5 liter and direct injection and it can produce 225 Nm of toque and 163 hp.


2016 Ford Ranger is one of the truck cars which come with the defining features and powerful performance.

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