2016 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Price and Specs


Do you want to look for sedan model for your car in the year of 2016? 2016 Ford Thunderbird can be the best choice. Everyone is curious about the appearance and the performance of the sedan line up from Ford manufacturer. When it comes to Ford Thunderbird, a thing that comes is that this type of car comes with the classic style and design. Nevertheless, the new Ford Thunderbird is going to give something different and new compared to the previous model.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Concept

The manufacturer is going to design and make 2016 Ford Thunderbird affordable. Besides that, this type of car also comes with the powerful engine for enhancing the great performances. The manufacturer also claims that this type of car will comes with the futuristic and modern design. According to the reliable sources, this car will use the Ford Evos Concept as its latest platform.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Exterior

Exterior is one of the considerations which are often taken for most of buyers before buying the new car. As mentioned in the previous section, the new Ford Thunderbird comes with the unique and typical design from 60s and 70s car. However, the manufacturer also design the car with the aerodynamic lines that are going to deliver the sense of stylish and elegance.

When it comes to the doors, this type of car comes with the two side doors and one trunk doors. Because of that reason, some people said that this car doesn’t belong to sedan version. However, based on the reliable sources, the Thunderbird series are also available in the model of sedan.

Besides that, the manufacturer is also used the latest technology of LED for its taillights and headlights. Besides that, there is also the folding roof which will allow you to have the great features for enjoying the nature during the nice weather.

Interior of 2016 Ford Thunderbird

When it comes to the interior of this car, some people said that this car comes with the exclusive interior. Why? There is just one seat row inside the car and it means that the capacity of the car is just for two passengers. Both of the passengers are going to enjoy and have the first class comfort which is provided by the great quality upholstery and leather seats. Besides that, the manufacturer also delivers the seats which can be adjusted.

Talking about the interior, it is a must to review about the technologies and systems which are embedded inside the car. The manufacturer provides the outstanding and latest technologies in order to keep the competition paces toward its rivals. There are several ports for MP3, iPod, Bluetooth, and USB. Besides that, this type of car is also equipped with the touch screen and the satellite navigation which can be used as the additional equipment.

Engine of 2016 Ford Thunderbird

When it comes to the engine, most of people will give a lot of attention. 2016 Ford Thunderbird comes with the 3.9 liter engine. The engine is claimed can produce the capacity about 380 hp and the type of engine which is used in this car is V8 engine. Besides that, this car is also equipped with the auto transmission with five speeds.


2016 Ford Thunderbird is one of the Ford cars which will be released with the classic model and powerful engine.

2016 Ford Thunderbird Convertible 2016 Ford Thunderbird Interior

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