2016 Ford Torino GT Price, Specs and Review


2016 Ford Torino is known as one of the muscle car in which the manufacturer of Ford has released. This type of car is also known as one of the pioneer cars in the NASCAR races. The first model of Ford Torino was firstly released in the year 1968. Coming along with the V8 engine, the old Ford managed to produce the great performance as the race car. The further model of Ford Torino then released in the following years.

2016 Ford Torino GT

Exterior of 2016 Ford Torino Ford Torino

When it comes to the exterior of 2016 Ford Torino, the manufacturer features a very stylish exterior. The front of the car is designed with the sharp look which is decorated with some curvy decoration. In term of the bumper, this bumper of the car is omitted and the car provide the large space, 5 inches longer if compared to the previous model. Besides that, there are also new redesigned wheels which are claimed better than the previous ones.

Generally, the front part of the car is lower than the back of the car and it is useful for adding the elegant and classy look. Besides that, it can also make the performance of this car better. The main materials which are used for building this car are aluminum.

By using aluminum, it makes this car lighter and easier to maneuver. To enhance the option of visibility for the drivers, this car is equipped with the LED headlamps which look good and deliver the great function at the similar time.

Interior of 2016 Ford Torino Ford Torino

When it comes to the interior of this new Ford Torino, there are some comfortable and amusing settings inside the car. There is a latest technology which allows the driver to drive around with. Besides that, there is also a LCD screen measuring 8 inches on the dashboard and the LCD can be useful for controlling parts of the cars and the various gadgets.

There is also a steering wheel which is placed in lower position in order to make the driver better handling. Meanwhile, the seats are so convenient and adjustable. The seats are also covered by the first class leather which makes your driving enjoyable.

In addition, there are also some entertainment features which can be found inside the Ford Torino. The attractive one is the existence of speaker system which allows you to listening to the music while driving on your car. However, the safety is the first priority rather than having amusing features inside the cars. Additionally, there are also connectivity systems, such as: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPs.

Engine of 2016 Ford Torino Ford Torino

When it comes to the engine, the new Ford Torino is equipped with 5.0 liter Ti VCT engine (V8 engine). This type of engine is similar to the engine which is used in Ford Mustang GT model. By the engine, this type of car can produce about 400 lb-ft of torque and 435 hp.

Of course, it is more than enough. That is why that Ford Torino became one of the chosen cars in the Nascar races. The engine of 2016 Ford Torino delivers the speed from 0 up to 60 mph in just 4 seconds and the top speed of the car is 170 mph.


2016 Ford Torino is one of the cars which can deliver the powerful performances. This car is equipped with the great engine, luxurious interior and elegant exterior.

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