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When we are talking about the latest Honda car then it is wise to include the latest 2016 Honda Element into the discussion. This new car offer many interesting improvements and changes that makes it stand out against other Honda product. With this in mind, this car has been an object of fixation and anticipation for many Honda car fans.

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In order to make the car feel more improved and also much more interesting Honda has introduced variety of improvement into the car. Some of the improvements include minimal changes and also major changes that will make the car even better. The whole car is upgraded and given several changes to make it looks better.

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For you who are interested in knowing more about this car information. Then, here are some information about the latest Honda Element improvements. Which include the improvements in the interior design as well engine of the car and its exterior design in more detailed manner.

From all of the improvements that is being made, this car will be released with variety of improvement on the car exterior. Several exterior improvements or addition including camera for the rear view. Other than that there will be new bumper design which is now look more stylish. In addition we also get new design for the overall body of the car.

The new body design can be seen on the car new combination style which involves new vigilant model which makes it more interesting. The aesthetic look are improved with the new curved body and also some aerodynamics features applied within. This improvements makes the car even stylish and unique at once.

Interior for the new 2016 Honda Element are pretty much classy and comfortable. There will be larger compartment which makes the car feel even relaxing. And due to the main purpose of the car that works as a family car it also improve the car interior and adding some infotainment system and modern equipment.

Other interesting changes that can be seen on the car is the engine. What is more important than a brand new engine right? Yes, the new Honda element will introduce a reliable power source as the engine will now using a 4 cylinder engine. The 4 cylinder engine will be having 2.4 liter capacity and V-TEC engine which makes it more reliable for this car.

This engine can expand its power for more than 150 horsepower on its maximum peak. Other than that the torque are also quite balanced with 160 lb-ft of torque as well. This car will also have more interesting setup such as better EPA ratings. Finally for the engine itself this car is going to have 20/25 mpg for the city and highway road respectively

2016 Honda Element Release date and Price

According to the information about this car release, it is known that this car is going to be released in the midst of 2016. That means the car will be released around July and so on. Of course, it can be delayed for different types of reason. On the other hand for you who are interested about the price, it is known that 2016 Honda element will be have a price of $30.000.

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