2016 Honda Prelude Type R Concept, Price, Specs, Interior


If we are talking about the latest Honda car then the new 2016 Honda Prelude will be considered as one of the most popular one. The reason is because it is quite new and also have many people anticipating for its release. Other than that Honda is known for many fans on its own.

2016 Honda Prelude Concept First Look

This car will literally improve its basic car specification to make it much more interesting and reliable. Some improvements that are made into this car include basic improvements on the car system and additional features for this car.

2016 Honda Prelude Type R Concept

Other than that, we can expect a lot of changes and upgrade which is divided into several types of parts. The improvements ranges from the car interior design, the car engine and of course the exterior or the body of the car itself.

For you who are interested on this car, we will be starting by talking about the engine. The new engine will come with two possible options. The first options of the engine will be a brand new engine with VTEC features and turbocharger features with 2.0 liter capacity. On the other hand the second one will be a more powerful unit of 6 cylinder engine with 3.5 liter capacity.

The 6 cylinder engine itself can provide for more than 330 horsepower as well 340 torque of power which is pretty good. Additionally the car itself is rumored to have both automatic and manual choices for people who are interested in it. This will make the car much more reliable.

Moving on from the engine we move to the interior of the car. The new 2016 Honda Prelude offers us several new improvements ranges from the car new design interior with its new leather seat material. And also larger compartment which will make the car feel more interesting and comfortable. In overall the new interior will be quite relaxing and comfortable.

The exterior of the car now will look more attractive and also stylish. It can be seen in the new model that are taking inspiration from certain manufacturers such as BMW and also Audi. The new sporty looks can be seen as a new improvements that will make the car feel unique. Other than that there will be new aerodynamics features to make the car feel stable and stylish.

The new changes and improvements that can be seen on the car itself ranges from the new lines on the car which is now feel more futuristic. There are also several choices for color for the car in overall making it more stylish. in overall, we can conclude that the car exterior has improved even further to give more aesthetically pleasing look which is very good to be heard.

2016 Honda Prelude Release date and Price

For you who are interested in knowing more about the release date and price of the car then need to wait more. The reason is because the release date even though has been known in this year is not clear yet. There are some rumor that say that it will be released at the end of the year. For the price itself it is rumored that 2016 Honda Prelude will be priced for $34.000.

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