2016 Honda S2000 Specs, Price, Review, Horsepower


For you who are looking for a new car that offer many interesting features then the new 2016 Honda S2000 can be your choice. Yes, this new car is developed by Honda as one of the latest project which is targeted for this year. As a new project, we can expect that this car will have many interesting features and improvements. The features and improvements itself are quite many.

As previously mentioned there will be many kinds of improvements and also changes that take place on the new Honda S2000. Some of the most important improvements will be taking placed on the interior design as well exterior design. However, for the most part engine improvements can be considered the most important. For you who are curious here are some review and info about the car performance.

2016 Honda S2000 Type R Review

First of all let us talk about the interior, according to the interior of the car itself it will be featuring amny interesting improvements such as new features and also technology. The most important things on the interior improvements is the new seating arrangements which is now far larger and also much more relaxing to be used.

Other than that we can also expecting more from the interior from the new dashboard design that also introduces a variety of unique improvements such as touch screen display. The dashboard itself will be equipped with new infotainments system, Wi-Fi and also blue tooth. There are also minor features such as audio system, and circular air vent that will make the interior even comfortable.

Exterior for the new 2016 Honda S2000 also offer many interesting feats. For examples is the new material used that will reduce the overall weight of the car. Other than that there will be new features such as new LED running lights for better lighting and also iconic front cover design that will make the car feel even more interesting and also stylish.

Finally, for the engine, this car will be using a more powerful engine that can generate for more than 270 horsepower. The engine itself will have 2 Liter capacity gasoline engine that will be having a new hybrid powertrain. Unfortunately the details for the engine is not known yet for the public eyes. Which means it can be changed or improved.

On the other hand, the engine itself will be supported with variety of new features for examples 7 speed gearbox which offer new double clutch assist. Additionally the engine system will be using rear wheel drive system and it will make the car even more reliable and also easier to be drive. In overall the design of the engine will be much more reliable than the common car.

2016 Honda S2000 Release date and Price

Other than all of the important information regarding the car specification there are also info about the release date and price. According to the official this car will be released on the year of 2017. The exact date of the release itself is not known but it is supposedly on the first year of 2017. On the other hand, the price information of the new 2016 Honda S2000 is expected to be around $35.000 for the basic model.

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