2016 Jeep Scrambler Truck Price, Specs, MPG, Review


2016 Jeep Scrambler included as one of car released by Jeep. We may not familiar with Scrambler series but, it’s quite popular through several regions in this world. The car is known with its strong and aggressive look set on outside.

By some information given, we can see that Scrambler seen as one of new trucks produced by Jeep. Besides, the car is set with new look at its exterior. There are also other new changes that are given through the car.

2016 Jeep Scrambler Review and Specs

We will bring to you the latest information about the car through this article. We have collected several reliable information that will help you to get know about the car. It’s started from its visual and engine choice that is rumored for the car.

By some information we give, you’re able to find out about anything that you can know. Especially, for new design and engine’s rumor. Without further ado, let’s find out about anything that you can see through the car.

The first thing that we will bring to you is about the engine. Through any information that we’ve collected, there is no exact thing about the engine. Jeep is still silent without giving any information about the car under the hood.

The worse thing is, there are also none of rumors that are given. Thus, we still don’t know about what kind of engine that will be put under the hood. Though it’s hard, we start to make some predictions about several things that we predict for.

The most obvious thing that we can give to you is about the engine change. Jeep won’t go with the same powertrain under the hood. We see that the only possible change that can be given is more powerful and effective engine.

Besides, various trim levels at the engine is a must. Jeep may give a huge choice for any people out there in picking their car. In this case, it will be easier for them to pick the best choice based on their needs.

2016 Jeep Scrambler Exterior and Interior

Unlike the engine, there are many information that we can gather about the exterior of 2016 Jeep Scrambler. Jeep comes with wilder and more aggressive look toward its exterior. We are a bit surprised by looking some pictures claimed as the picture of car.

It’s prepped as a wild ride that ready to brings you inside the jungle. It’s really sporty and wild with usual bodyline set for outdoor car. besides, there is a huge place at back as a place to put some stuff on there.

4 doors are there so, we can assume that the car is set for 5 passengers set inside. The other thing seen on there is about the car’s accessory set on the back part of car. It seems like a cutting sticker added on the car for its visual.

A wild scene won’t be seen inside because, the car’s cabin looks really cool without any wild things put inside. The car looks really comfortable with a nice seat and neat arrangement on the dashboard.

Leather is set as the main material covers the dashboard and seat part. Besides, there is also a LCD panel set on there so, it can be a great thing for anyone.

2016 Jeep Scrambler Release date and price

For the release date and price is still unknown. Therefore, we need to wait for further news about 2016 Jeep Scrambler.

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