2016 Mazda RX8 Price, Specs and Review


2016 Mazda RX8 is said to be released soon. The car is known as one of famous car series produced by Mazda. Though it’s still known as the junior of RX7, RX8 quickly gains international fame due to its design and engine.

2016 Mazda RX8 Price Prediction

Now, the time has passed and the challenge becomes bigger. Mazda is asked to retain its domination in the market. The answer is none other than the car’s improvement. Mazda needs to work hard in finding the best change for the car.

For this one, there are already lot of rumors come around. Most of them predicted by the expert based on specific condition. However, we have taken the most possible change that can be conducted for the latest RX8.

Besides, we are not only talking about the car’s engine. There is also another suspect that we can see, the car’s visual. It’s something important that people are curious for. There will be a huge change that we are sure RX8 will get.

2016 Mazda RX8 Engine

Without further ado, let’s start from the engine. All of us are curious about what kind of engine that is put under the hood. Unfortunately, the company is still silent about it. The same as the company, there are also lack of information released about this one.

For the car’s engine, there are some predictions made by some people. First, we should be thankful for the latest technology developed by Mazda, SkyActiv technology. It can create preserve car’s handling with nice fuel efficiency.

The other rumor also comes from the car’s transmission. It’s said that the car may get 6 automatic transmission for its transmission system. However, there is other possibility if Mazda will apply other technology for the car’s transmission.

2016 Mazda RX8 Exterior and Interior

Next, we will talk about the car’s exterior. What kind of new things that will be brought by 2016 Mazda RX8 on the outside. Not only you but we are also curious about the car’s change. It could be something big that surprises us.

Based on some pictures, the car surely be changed by some designs that are released. First, there is a possibility if Mazda will apply KODO bodyline design for the car. It’s the same one that is applied by Mazda for RX7.

Besides, there is also a change if Mazda will apply the same bodyline design for the car. It’s based on its predecessor that looks really great and we think it’s enough for the company to put it as the one that is going to be used for 2016 edition.

The other thing that is also important is about the car’s cabin. We are curious about what kind of changes that will be put here. In this case, there will be lot of things that we should see here.

For the car’s cabin, we are sure that the company will put the latest technology inside the car. Therefore, it can be a great thing that can help you to be more comfortable inside.

The technology will surely hit the entertainment and safety features. It’s for the passenger so, they can feel really comfortable while sitting inside the car.

Release date and price

It’s said that 2016 Mazda RX8 could be cost around $33.000 and released around 2016.

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