2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse GT Spyder Price and Specs


Who’s been waiting for 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse? Known as one of famous Japanese car series, Mitsubishi starts to get much attention from many people. Though it might not be as popular as before, People still put its hope for the car since, they believe Mitsubishi will improve the Eclipse.

It can be true since, Mitsubishi decides to create new Eclipse that is better than before.  For the car’s change, there are several things that are applied. First, there seems to be new things that are applied on new Eclipse.

For this aspect, there are several things that you should expect for the car. Mitsubishi is going to apply innovative and futuristic feature for the car. It can be seen through the car’s visual and engine that is improved.

Besides, we are also going to give you more than just that since, there will be lot of information available here. In this case, there will be lot of things that we like to talk.

The first thing that we are going to talk is about the car’s engine. For many years, Eclipse is admired as one of fast sport cars. In order to retain its status, Mitsubishi needs to give something fast and powerful under the hood.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Engine Performance

It seems that our request is listened by the company because, the Japanese auto maker will include several kinds of engine under the hood. First, it’s Mivec 2.4 L Inline 4 that is ready to generate 165 HP and 162 torque. The engine is also generate good fuel efficiency where it only uses 20 mpg for city road and 28 mpg for highway road.

The second candidate comes from Mivec V6 3.8L engine. The second candidate seems stronger than before and the car is ready to generate 265 HP and 262 torque. It’s better than the first choice but, Mitsubishi may give various trim levels for people.

For the transmission system, there are rumors if the car will get 5 speed manual or 6 speed automatic transmission. It can be both of them or, only one that is chosen by the company later.

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse Redesign

A huge change is seen here where 2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse decides to use lighter material. Based on information, Mitsubishi decides to use aluminum panel for creating more interesting visual value and lighter material.

Therefore, it can support the car’s performance and of course it looks. Besides, Eclipse also appears with promising design and modern look through its headlamp and taillight. It looks really great and everyone may feel amazed while seeing at it.

Moving inside the cabin, Mitsubishi gives a pleasant and comfortable view inside the car. Eclipse’s cabin will be designed with minimalist and elegant cabin that strengthen its sporty design. It’s really amazing and everyone will feel great while seeing at it.

Besides, the seat is covered with good material which is really good for the passenger’s convenience. The other thing that is also concerned by the company is about the car’s features. There will be tons of new features that come inside but, there is still lack of information that come about it.

Release date and price

2016 Mitsubishi Eclipse will be released in 2016 and the price is ranged around $22.000 - $33.000.

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