2016 Pontiac G6 GT Convertible Price and Specs


As we already know, Pontiac is known as one of the popular and famous car developer that offer many interesting car. 2016 Pontiac G6 is one of their latest car which is known to be under development in this year. The new car itself will be introducing variety of different specification and also features which will become the main attraction and also distinct things that this car has to offer.

2016 Pontiac G6 midsize car

The main improvements and also changes that will be taking place in this car will be focused on several parts of the car. The several parts of the car that we will be talking about is none other than the car interior design, exterior design and finally the engine as well as its system. All of these parts will be revamped or changed into something better in order to maximize the potential of this car.

2016 Pontiac G6 Convertible Exterior and Interior

For examples, on the exterior or body there will changes on the shape and on the interior itself there will be several interesting additional features. For you who are interested in knowing more about this car in a more detailed manner then here are some of the information that we can give to you about the car revamp and also improvements on this car that will be applied as the final product.

Interior of this car are improved to a certain degree. Some information say that this car will be having a revamped interior design with brand new leather seating which will make the car feel much more comfortable and also stylish at once. Not to mention that the new features from improved entertainment system and also climate control system will also be implemented to give better interior comfort.

The exterior design for the new 2016 Pontiac G6 on the other hand will be revealing several new improvements that will affect the body design. One thing that makes this improvement are pretty unique and stylish is that the new exterior body will introduce a better aerodynamics feature. Aerodynamics features itself will be giving better driving stability and of course a more appealing design.

Some of the improvements regarding the car exterior can be seen on the whole body which now introduce a more curved design. However the design itself still originated from the old Pontiac sedan design to give it a sense or originality and also offer a nostalgia feeling from this car body. The new headlight and also grille design are pretty gorgeous if seen side by side.

2016 Pontiac G6 GT Engine

Finally, the engine of this car is improved to give it a more powerful specification. According to the information that we can gather these car will be having different engine from the previous series. The engine itself is rumored to be having better capacity level than the previous sedan of Pontiac series which is a great improvements for the Pontiac car series.

The engine that will be used is a V6 engine. Unfortunately, the capacity information of this engine is still unknown and it can still be changed to fit the car. It means the car can still be optimized further to maximize its potential to the fullest. With all of these improvement on the engine we are sure that the new Pontiac can really hold their own on the global car market in the present year.

2016 Pontiac G6 Release date and Price

The most interesting things that are going to be revealed other than the specification and features that this car has to own is the price and release date. It is known that based on the car specification and features that this car will be released with a price of $ 22.000 for the base model. On the other hand, the release date of the new 2016 Pontiac G6 itself is expected to be this year

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