2016 Pontiac G8 GT Price, Specs, Review, MPG


2016 Pontiac G8 is one of the most interesting new car that are developed in this year. Due to this reason alone, many Pontiac car fan are pretty much hyped and anticipating this car release. Several improvements and changes is not known for the public. But fortunately, we have gather some reliable information about this car that can give you the basic of this car specs and final products.

2016 Pontiac G8 GT Price

For you who are interested in knowing more about this car final product, this car having several things that makes it quite unique and distinct. For examples, the major improvements that are applied into this car is rumored to be on the specification and also on the appearance. If this true then the changes will be major and it will improve the car to give it a new look and specs.

More importantly, the specification itself is known to be much better than all of the previous car from Pontiac. Therefore this car is highly anticipated by many people this day. In the next paragraph we will be talking about several things that will be implemented into this car final results. Therefore, for you who are curious about this car then keep on reading to know more.

2016 Pontiac G8 GXP Interior

First of all let us talk about the new interior design from this new 2016 Pontiac G8, according to the information that we can get, the new interior will be introducing a lot of things from a more comfortable interior to technology. The technology that it will be introduced will be a more unique and friendly user interface as well safety system which will increase the safety and comfort of this car.

After we know about the interior design improvement of this car, it will be a good idea to know more about the exterior design of the car. There are several improvement that will be applied into this car exterior design. However, the main feature that will be implemented will be a more curved design for the car and making the car looks much more compact in several aspect.

This is not a bad idea because it means to give the car a stable design especially with the curve design which eventually improve the aerodynamics design of the car itself. There are also several color selection for the car from the regular black to a more bright color choice. In other words the exterior design of the car has been undergoing a great improvements that will make the car a definite successor to the G8 series.

2016 Pontiac G8 GT Engine

Finally, the engine. Yes, there will be an improvement on the engine. According to the information that we can gather the new engine will be having several improvements or modification which will give it better performance. There are also a rumor that the new engine will be having different alternative engine in order to give the car a wider array of variety to be choose from.

The basic engine for this car however is going to be a V6 engine. The new V6 engine will be having a more powerful horsepower and also balanced torque for better driving experience. For the system itself it is rumored that this car will be having an automatic transmission system in order to give it optimal results. Unfortunately, the information regarding the alternative engine is not fully known which means it can still be an expectation only.

2016 Pontiac G8 Release date and Price

Moving on from the specification and also information regarding the car tech and feature we go to the information about the car release date and price. For the release date itself, this car is expected to be released on this year. The date itself are not very clear but we can expect that the car will be released not too far away. For the price itself on the other hand, it is expected with all of the spec 2016 Pontiac G8 will be priced for $ 23.000 to $33.000.

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