2016 Pontiac GTO Judge Price, Specs, Release Date


In this year of 2016 there are many car developer that are competing against each other to develop the best car design in order to compete in global car market. One of them is Pontiac, and as we already know Pontiac itself is known as one of the famous car developer. Their latest project itself is the new 2016 Pontiac GTO. This new car will be featuring many interesting changes and improvements that will make it much better than the previous Pontiac GTO.

2016 Pontiac GTO Fastback Specs

Improvements and changes on the inside of the car is quite major. The car itself will be featuring a brand new more stylish body which makes it even better. This has made the car to be quite anticipated especially for people who loves the previous Pontiac GTO. Improvements and changes itself will be specified into the car engine and system as well the interior and exterior of the car itself.

2016 Pontiac GTO Interior and Exterior

First of all let us talk about the interior of the cart, this new Pontiac GTO offer many interesting improvements but one of the most interesting improvements that will make the car much more stylish and also luxurious. The design of the interior will be much more interesting and also safer as the safety system for this car will have high technology standards and also new touch screen and GPS system

The exterior design of the new 2016 Pontiac GTO have interesting design and also stylish exterior design. The new hood will have new interesting reshaped taillights as well headlights design. this will be much more interesting with the addition of splinted grille as well air scoops that will not only make the exterior looks interesting but also much more reliable in terms of design.

Additionally, the exterior of the car or the body design also offer a more interesting style with its new aerodynamics design. This will improve the car stability as it is much better to be used in high speed road. In overall the new design of the Pontiac GTO is very much interesting and improve the appeal of the car into a better design.

2016 Pontiac GTO Engine

Finally, how about the engine? The new engine of this car will be having a powerful V8 engine. The new V8 engine offer 6.2 liter capacity is capable of generating a whopping 614 horsepower. This engine itself will be supported with 6 speed gearbox system. Due to this reason alone this car will be having better specification from the previous Pontiac GTO.

With all of these features, the new Pontiac GTO will have a balanced performance and appeal in terms of design and also specification which will make the car an even better car especially due to the addition of several new features.

2016 Pontiac GTO Release date and Price

And so we move on from the specification information regarding the car interior, engine and exterior to another information. The next information that we will be talking about is the release date and price information. The new rumor that are escalating is that this car will be released by the end of 2016 which means it will be no further from this year. On the other hand, 2016 Pontiac GTO price will be around $60.000.

2016 Pontiac GTO for Sale 2016 Pontiac GTO Interior Photos

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