2016 Toyota Celica Price and Specs in Philippines


One of the newest sport cars is 2016 Toyota Celica. This sport car is very powerful and is reputable because it is produced by Toyota, one of the most popular car companies in the world. It comes with amazing specs so that it is very interesting to discuss about its review. Therefore, this article will talk about the exterior, interior, engine, release date, and price.

2016 Toyota Celica Supra

The Exterior and Interior of 2016 Toyota Celica

Firstly, we will talk about its exterior where this sport car looks similar to the previous version. However, we will still be able to see the improvements of the design including the exterior. 2016 Toyota Celica exterior design is taken from Toyota 86 car where it comes with aesthetic design. Anyway, it is combined with contemporary design so that it looks more modern.

Still related to the exterior, this sport car looks very good, sporty, and modern enough so that it is perfect for today’s car. Comes with dynamic body, it offers new bumper and standardized wheels. The front part is longer whereas the hood is redesigned for the better look. Then, the grille is almost same with the previous model but it is actually different.

For the interior, this sport car offers updated design so that you will find so many enhancements inside including the cabin. There are many sporty elements & additions so that this car interior is more amazing. You will also find some chrome elements as well as aluminum accents to create premium look. Then, it also combines soft touch materials to cover this 2016 Toyota Celica.

On the cabin, you can see that it is very welcoming and comfortable with some additions needed inside. It also offers some sporty seats that are comfortable. It comes with upgraded techs and features so satisfy the buyers. Some sophisticated features such as touch screen display and connectivity are also applied on 2016 Toyota Celica interior design.

The Engine of 2016 Toyota Celica

For the engine, this sport car will come with 4-cylinder turbocharged and 2.0L engine where it can provide up to 260 horsepower. This offers the better engine so that the power is also greater compared to the previous version. So, this is really great for a sport car today.

Even more, there is an announcement that it may also come with a hybrid engine so that it offers the more fuel economy. Then, the engine will be paired with 6-speed manual transmission. It may also be 6-speed auto CVT transmission.

The Price and Release Date of 2016 Toyota Celica

If you are interested in this sport car, you need to spend about $ 21,000. This price is affordable enough for today’s sport car because mostly sport cars are very expensive. So, it can be a good solution for you who want a sport car.

To buy Toyota Celica, you need to wait for it until the end of this year. It may be about October up to December. For the launching, it will be better to wait until it is released officially. However, you can plan and book 2016 Toyota Celica from now.


2016 Toyota Celica is a sport car recommended in his year. It offers 4-cylinder 2.0L with 260 hp. This sport car is affordable enough with only about $ 21,000.

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