2017 Audi A9 Price, Interior, Specs, Review, Release Date


2017 Audi A9 released as sedan car from Audi. A9 described as fresh and different car than its predecessor. The car is known as a part of future concept of sedan car. Tons of new things set on the car as a way to improve it.

2017 Audi A9 Price

By some information, we learn that Audi is moving forward by implementing some new changes. Audi looks for latest technology applied on car. Besides, the company is said for revising some changes to the car.

2017 Audi A9 Concept Revealed

First, A9 comes with surprise at the car’s exterior. For many years, A9 known with its elegant and bold look. However, Audi may try to do something new at the car’s exterior. A9 is designed with sporty nuance that looks really fresh.

At the car’s cabin, we are fascinated with its visual. Audi is doing a great job inside the car. Both visual and car’s features are done nicely. Therefore, we ensure people may feel great satisfaction while driving the 2017 Audi A9.

Under the hood, we still not quite sure about it. However, there are various options that are available. In this case, there are several possibilities that are available. All things will be explained briefly below. So, you’re able to learn more about the car.

Let’s move to our first discussion, engine. Under the hood, there are various options available. First, V8 4.5 L is provided. 605 HP and 750 Nm reported as the engine’s output. It provides powerful engine performance.

The other rumor comes from the car’s transmission system. It’s rumored that the car may come with 8 speed automatic transmission. Based on the report, the car will get stable and nice handling experience for the driver.

2017 Audi A9 Coupe Performance

The car also comes with nice report for its performance. The car can hit 60 mph just in 3.7 seconds! It’s really fast and good. Its fuel efficiency is also really good. The car consumes 26 mph as its fuel usage.

There is other possibility appears where the car will get twin turbo 4.0L. The engine may be more powerful than the first choice. However, it’s still not sure whether Audi may go for it. So, we need to wait for further news about it.

From drivetrain, we are going to talk about the car’s visual. The visual looks really fresh with new nuance set outside. As stated before, Audi goes for new look through sporty look. It’s seen through the car’s  bodyline that is different.

Its body design turned to be different with curvier body design. The front and rear part also looks really sporty with nice shape bumper. It’s finished with sharp-cut lamp that is set on front and back. The grille looks bigger and iconic Audi logo put on front nicely.

Lastly, the cabin comes with nice and elegant look. Audi puts a highly contrast color combination inside. White color is combined with mild brown color seen on the dashboard. The white color comes from leather used as the upholstery.

The dashboard looks futuristic where there are lack of buttons usually seen on the middle. There are tons of new features prepped inside. As the conclusion, the new cabin comes with ergonomic and premium design.

2017 Audi A9 Release date and price

The car is rumored for being cost $140.000. For the release date, there are some rumors come but, the strongest info tells us that 2017 Audi A9 released at late of 2017.

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