2017 Buick Grand National Specs, Price and Review


Buick goes with 2017 Buick Grand National that is set for sedan market. The car goes back after taking long break for around 30 years. Through long year, Buick may learn to get a glimpse about how the car will be changed for being more modern.

2017 Buick Grand National Is Back With A Beast Engine

A huge transformation can be seen on any parts of car. First of all, the exterior will be changed wholly. Some of pictures claimed as car’s pictures are already shown. By the picture, we see that Buick applies a nicely shape sedan car for Grand National.

2017 Buick Grand National Interior Details

At other part, a huge change is also seen inside the cabin. The cabin will be transformed in huge scale that covers design and features. All things will be designed nicely and the company will go with the latest features for its technology.

We also curious about the car’s engine. It’s really hard for us to imagine about what kind of engine that will be implemented. However, we see that Buick may go for strong engine so, strong engine is the one that will be chosen.

From let’s see about any changes that will be given. First, let’s see about the car’s engine. What kind of engine that will be given? In this case, it becomes something that make us curious. 2.0 L 4 cylinder turbo is said to be the basic engine.

In addition, there are still lot of versions that are available. The other option that potentially developed is, LFX V6 3.6 L that can provide more than 300 HP. Both of them may be put as other choice for the trim level.

Some of you may curious about the car’s transmission. However, the company still doesn’t reveal it yet. Besides, there is also other thing mentioned that there are two types of transmission applied. First, manual and automatic transmission.

From the engine, we move to the visual part. As stated before, 2017 Buick Grand National will be changed wholly. Therefore, forget about the old look of car. there will be lot of changes that come.

2017 Buick Grand National Redesign and Specs

As we see through the pictures, the change is real since, the car looks modern. However, Buick still retains a glimpse of iconic nuance which is, luxurious. The company works really good by applying luxurious nuance.

Information states that grand national is set as two door car. From what we look, Buick creates an elegant car that looks really astounding. All parts carved in nice shape especially, its grille combined with Buick logo.

Inside, there are tons of new things added. First of all, the car will get new and advance features. For this part, we still don’t know about what things that will be added. But, we sure that Buick will cover entertainment and safety part.

Next, don’t forget about the visual. Buick also applies the same nuance inside the cabin. Based on the picture, we only see a fully black color seen inside the car. leather is chosen as the material so, it’s really good and suitable for the car.

2017 Buick Grand National Release date and price

Based on some information, the car is predicted to be cost for around $30.000-$40.000. Unfortunately, the release date of 2017 Buick Grand National is still not yet known.

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