2017 Buick Riviera Price, Release Date, Specs, Changes


When we are talking the new Buick that is expected to be released this year then we need to talk about 2017 Buick Riviera. This new Buick is one of the most anticipated car in this year as there are many fans that are awaiting for this car to be released. The new improvements that will take place into this new Buick is rumored to be much more interesting and also powerful if compared with the previous version.

2017 Buick Riviera becoming a reality

There are three main focus that will be discussed in this news about the new Buick Riviera. One of them is the main exterior design of the car which is rumored to be improved even further. In addition to the new exterior the new interior and also engine is also highly improved to make the car even better and can live up to today standard car needs and also specifications.

2017 Buick Riviera Concept Review

From the exterior itself we can expect many good changes will be taking place on this car body design. The new design is known to be much more elegant and incorporated the luxurious style that now many car own especially on the new line of the car which also offer aerodynamics features that will boost the car aerodynamics capabilities and stability significantly.

As smooth as the body is, there are certain things that are also need to be mentioned on the exterior. For the front side of the car the new car grille design offer a unique waterfall style design that will make the car feel futuristic and also effectively efficient at the same time. On the back side, this car body design offer a simple but aerodynamically improved back design which will improve car handling and stability.

On the other hand the interior of the new 2017 Buick Riviera is also improved with new style and design. The interior will offer you with unique interior design ranges from new trim design with ebony and aluminum material featured color. The cabin itself will be using a premium leather material that will significantly improve the car prestige and also comfort at the same time.

Apart from the comfortable design and also material, the interior design of the new Buick Riviera is also improved by adding several new features. New features ranges from new spring package feature for four wheel steering system. New Buick Intelligent Performance Tech which will make the car have better entertainment and easily controlled and of course high speed internet LTE capable of 4G network.

2017 Buick Riviera Engine Specs

Finally, we will talk about the engine, unfortunately, this car itself is offer minimal amount of information regarding the car engine information. There are actually many prediction about the car engine which is rumored to be released by GM Company in China. However, the exact information about what the engine of the car is still questionable.

However, some prediction is arise this day and say that the most possible engine that this car will be having two alternate engine to be chosen from. The first one is conventional engine and the second one is hybrid electric and conventional engine. The car is also rumored to be using All Wheel Drive system and there are no additional information regarding this car engine.

2017 Buick Riviera Release date and Price

Even as the car is known to be a 2017 model, it does not mean that it will be released on the year of 2017. More importantly there are many development and also improvements that taking place into this car design and overall impression. Due to its unknown nature and the lack of information from the official itself, the release date is predicted to be in the end of 2017 or the first of 2017. The price of 2017 Buick Riviera on the other hand are still unknown.

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