2017 Chevy El Camino SS Price, Release Date, Specs


2017 Chevy El Camino has been known as one of the development project made by Chevrolet early this year. This new car is known to be having several new features that are quite exclusive to this car only which make many people are interested to know more about this car. The new design and also improvements that are taking place into this car is also known to be quite complex.

2017 Chevy El Camino Release Date

Yes, the improvement that are taking place into this car is going to be divided into several parts of the car. However, the majority of the improvements will be taking place on the interior design, as well as the exterior design of the car. To make things better, it is also confirmed that this car will be having improvements on the engine and its driving system for better control and handling.

2017 Chevy El Camino Release date and Price

Release date of this car is quite clear that it will be released on the middle of the 2017. This means it is going to be released not far from this day. However, as the global car market itself the exact price date can be faster or even much longer than the predicted date. On the other hand, the price of this new 2017 Chevy El Camino is expected to be around $35.000 price tag.

Before we begin in talking about the car interior design and also engine, we need to talk about the car exterior design. Just like many other new car, the new Camino will also significantly improving its exterior design in order to make the customer to be interested in it. The same can also be said for the new design that looks more aggressive, stylish and also elegant at the same time which net a lot of attention.

There are certain improvements that take place into the car exterior design, one of the most interesting take on is the new amalgam edges exterior design which is added to make the car feel more unique and also stylish. There are new contemporary exterior design which makes the car feel more interesting and also look sporty to be look at.

2017 Chevy El Camino SS Interior Changes

The interior design of the new 2017 Chevy el Camino also have interesting improvements that can be said for. One things is that the new design for the interior is now feel larger. This means the cabin has been improved to be much larger and offer better space which means the driver and passenger can feel more relaxed inside the car with this feature applied.

Other than the interior design or the cabin which is larger and feel more relaxed, the interior also offer several new improvements ranges from the car new leather upholstery and also new features such as touch screen feature, USB charger and also new Bluetooth feature. This will make the new El Camino to have better and improved technological feature.

With new exterior and interior there will be new engine system. The new engine of this car will be using a V6 engine with 3.6 Liter engine capacity that can generate for more than 281 horsepower and also 260 torque at once. This 2017 Chevy El Camino will also have alternate V8 engine which offer larger capacity for 6.0 liter capacity. The engine is also being supported with 6 speed of transmission system.

2017 Chevy El Camino SS 2017 Chevy El Camino Interior Changes 2017 Chevy El Camino Price

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