2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept Price


2017 Chevy Nova can be considered as one of the most hyped car and also the most interesting one. Chevrolet has been known to be able bring some of the most interesting specification of a new car. The same can also be said for this new car as well. Chevy Nova in its recent development will have new engine as well enhanced features on the car exterior and interior as well.

2017 Chevy Nova Concept

2017 Chevy Nova Exterior, Interior, Engine

Exterior design for this car is much more stylized than the previous design. The new design now feel more modern and sportier. This car offer a unique red color design and black combination as its main color theme. The new front grille looks spectacular especially with the new headlights and wheels design that feel much more stylish.

Interior design for the new 2017 Chevy Nova will be much interesting to be seen as it will offer new design. The new design is made in order to make the car much more comfortable. There are some interesting new seating material with comfortable design. Additionally other than that new features inbound such as the new navigation system, and also larger trunk will be one thing that we can anticipate.

2017 Chevy Nova Interior

Engine is known to be much more powerful as it will be using new engine and system. There actually several different engine from V6 engine to V8 engine. For the V6 engine there are no additional information regarding the capacity while the V8 will have 6.2 liter capacity that will offer larger power and much better torque at the same time.

2017 Chevy Nova SS Concept

2017 Chevy Nova Price, Release date, Safety Features

With all of the recent improvement, it will be normal that we see some improvement on the car price as well. According to the information, this car price is expected to be released with around $40.000 price tag. The release date itself are not clear which means we need to wait more for this car release date. However, it is expected to be released on 2017.

2017 Chevy Nova SS Leaked

What about the safety features? The car will offer better collision detection features and also new safety on the interior. There are not much we know about the features of the safety but expect new safety features for this new 2017 Chevy Nova.

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