2017 Chevy Suburban Price, Review, Specs


When we are looking at the new 2017 Chevy Suburban we can see some interesting new features that will be available for this car. The most significant changes and improvement will be ranged from new exterior design and also interior design. But not only that, the engine is known to have some remarkable improvement as well.

2017 Chevy Suburban LT Price and Review

2017 Chevy Suburban Exterior, Interior, Engine

Smooth look and also design is one thing that we can see on the new Chevy Suburban Exterior. Suburban offer larger body with the combination of steel and also aluminum material. The front grille offer a striped design with Chevy symbol on center. Then it also offer stylish body design with muscular design which makes the car looks awesome.

Interior design for this new 2017 Chevy Suburban is going to look comfortable and also unique. We can see the new nuance given on the new interior makes the car feel more comfortable. Not to mention larger space offer some relaxing feel. And of course, new and improved navigation system to give us better and easier driving experience as well.

2017 Chevy Suburban Interior Dashboard

What about the engine? The new engine for this car is going to be 6.2 liter capacity V8 engine that offer 420 horsepower on its maximum power. There are also alternative engine which still use similar engine from the previous design which is 5.8 liter capacity engine with 355 horsepower on its maximum power for us to choose from.

2017 Chevy Suburban Diesel

2017 Chevy Suburban Price, Release date, Safety Features

Price for this car is going to hit around $55.000 for the basic model with old engine. The price itself will be expected to be as previously mentioned because it follows the specification of the car. On the other hand, the release date itself is not clear yet. This car is expected to be released on 2017, even though it can come much faster.

2017 Chevy Suburban 2500

There are no exact information about the car safety and features. However we can expect it will be improved to give comfort and also safety for the passenger. some expectation for this car safety features ranged from new sensor system and also better air bags for the interior design of this new 2017 Chevy Suburban.

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