2017 Dodge Avenger RT Price, Specs, MPG, Review


2017 Dodge Avenger proves that Dodge is still working on Avenger series. It also denies any rumors about discontinuation of Avenger series for several reasons. People feel really happy due to the decision made by Dodge to continue the series.

2017 Dodge Avenger SRT Reviews

Released at 1995, Avenger comes as mid-sedan that has improved through years. However, its selling rate was getting decreased. Therefore, Dodge is getting doubt to continue the series. Though it doesn’t go well, Dodge tries to continue the series by keeping it goes.

2017 Dodge Avenger Specs and Changes

Through 2017 Avenger, Dodge is said for having a huge plan for it. The plan includes several changes that will be implemented. Not only the change, some new things will also be included by the company. It’s said that Dodge will give the latest technology for the car’s feature.

The last rumor says that the car will have higher price than before. It’s something that you won’t heard but, as long as the price goes well with the car then it’s not a big problem. With some rumors that we got, we are going to explain the latest information about the car.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the car’s engine first. For the engine, Dodge is going to put a new engine that is enhanced than before. Unfortunately, there is only one engine that is informed for now. It’s 4 cylinder 2.4 L as the basic engine.

The engine is enough to generate 173 HP. At the transmission side, It’s rumored that 4 speed automatic will be put as the shifting gear. However, it’s still remain as a rumor that may be changed later or even remained the same.

The other rumor mentions that there is possibility if Dodge will announce other engine later. In this case, we see that as an offer for other people who like to get other engine. In this case, there could be different trim level or even change the basic engine.

2017 Dodge Avenger Exterior and Interior

From engine, we move to other aspect, the exterior of 2017 Dodge Avenger. What we can expect from here? A new and gorgeous visual that is better than before. Some people say that this car is the latest series of Avenger then Dodge will work hard for it.

Based on some pictures claimed as official, we see sporty and nicely done car by Dodge. The car is designed with curvy and sharp bodyline design seen on its bodyline. Besides, there are several things that we get as unique thing.

First, both of lamps are seen very unique since, it’s designed with sporty and sharp lamp design. There are some rumors that come about the car. First, the car is said for having halogen lamp or bigger rim set for its tire.

Moving inside the car, we see something changed than before. The interior looks simpler since, there is still lack of information that we can get. From the picture, we see that the company designs it really well.

The dashboard looks so fine with nice material that is set on the dashboard and seat. Besides, there are some features added on there. In this case, it could be a great thing that can improve the car’s view on there.

2017 Dodge Avenger RT Release date and price

It’s said that the car will be released next year but still, there could be change for it. For the price, 2017 Dodge Avenger can be cost around $20.500 - $25.800.

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