2017 Dodge Dakota Crew Cab Diesel Price and Specs


2017 Dodge Dakota is one of the most interesting car that are released on this year. This car has been known to have many interesting features that will make it much more powerful and also interesting at the same time. Not to mention that this car is the direct continuation of the new Dodge Dakota which means it will be carrying the legacy of the new Dodge Dakota.

2017 Dodge Dakota Concept

To make it even better, according to the official information that we can get there are several interesting information about this car expecting features and also performance. First of all the car will have major changes in the interior and also exterior design. Additionally, the most important part of the car which is the engine is also going to have improved features compared with the older design.

2017 Dodge Dakota Review

Interior improvements of the car can be seen on the car new larger interior design. The new interior is now much more interesting as it offer larger cabin which means more space. Not to mention that the car interior also improved the tech features by giving it better navigation system and also some interesting entertainment system inside the car. However, the most important part is that the new seating material is far comfortable than the previous car.

Interior is a good changes but how about the exterior of the car? Well to be honest even though it is a truck car, it does not mean that this car will not be able to give us pleasing look. As in this new Dodge Dakota there will be new design that incorporates new exterior design which is much more streamlined in terms of design and appearance.

Most of all the new 2017 Dodge Dakota offer interesting exterior changes from new front grille that offer chromium design as well sides lines on the cabin that makes the car feel more aesthetically pleasing. In overall the car deliver a unique exterior design which makes it much more stylish and also unique looking and give it better appeal.

2017 Dodge Dakota Engine Performance

Okay, so we have talk about the exterior and also interior of the car, next is the engine of the car. Just as many people has expected the new car engine is of course improved even further to make the car feel much more powerful and also interesting to be look at. The new car engine is expected to be a 4 cylinder engine which is improved even further.

According to the information the new 4 cylinder engine will have 2.4 liter engine capacity and can produce for more than 190 horsepower. On the other hand the torque it can produce exceed 180 lb-ft and it will be combined with automatic transmission system with 6 speed feature. For more interesting news the new car engine will also support both front wheel drive as well all wheel drive system depend on our choice.

2017 Dodge Dakota Release date and Price

Release date and price for this car has been one of the most sought information in this year. It is understandable because truck car is quite rare this year and this truck will also offer many interesting features at once. The release date itself is the second quarter of this year 2017 and the new 2017 dodge Dakota will be priced for $40.000 for the basic price.

2017 Dodge Dakota Price 2017 Dodge Dakota 4x4 MPG 2017 Dodge Dakota Cabin

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