2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price and Specs


The 2017 Dodge Magnum is awaited by its fans to be launched. It will be the improved version of the current model. Some improvements to the exterior and interior make this new Magnum looks stylish and fresh. The Dodge Magnum was firstly released in 2005.

2017 Dodge Magnum SRT8 Price

It was not got popular in the first release. Many people thought that the exterior design was unusual. But, from time to time, this unique car got more fans until today. Let’s some improvements on the new Dodge Magnum 2017.

2017 Dodge Magnum Exterior Redesign

Many people are curious about the unique exterior design of this car. There is no any official information from Dodge about the exterior design of the upcoming Magnum. But, many car enthusiasts predict that it will get some changes that make it better than the last model. The unique design of this car will be kept for the next model. It will reveal the identity of this unique car.

2017 Dodge Magnum Exterior

New changes at the front will be nice. The new grille design can bring a fresh look to this car. The headlights should be upgraded using the LED lights. At the Beck, Dodge Magnum should also get some changes. The taillights and the exhaust system should use the new and modern design. It will be great if the next Dodge Magnum comes with more color choices than the current model.

2017 Dodge Magnum Hellcat Wagon

2017 Dodge Magnum Interior Changes

As a modern sports car, the 2017 Dodge Magnum comes with a well-designed interior. The cabin size will be the same as the previous Magnum model with some improvements. It’s spacious and comfortable. There is enough space for your leg and head to move freely. The large cabin is supported with the comfortable seats covered in leather.

2017 Dodge Magnum Interior

Some modern technologies and features are installed to the new Dodge Magnum. The touchscreen display will be a must feature for a modern car. It will be used for the navigation of the next Dodge Magnum. It is also used to provide some entertainment inside the Magnum. The other technologies such as USB ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and premium sound system are also installed.

2017 Dodge Magnum Hellcat Price

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