2017 Honda Crosstour Price, Review, Interior, Specs


2017 Honda Crosstour is one of the latest Honda car that is being released this year. Apart from that, Honda has been known as one of the most important and well known car developer. Due to these reason, many Honda fans are having high hopes and also expectations for the new Honda Crosstour.

2017 Honda Crosstour Crossover Exterior

Several of the improvements that are being made into the car divided into several parts. The most important improvements that is made for this car are applied into the car exterior, engine and interior. This changes and improvements is made in order to improve the car reliability even more.

2017 Honda Crosstour Review

For the car interior, it is stated that the car will have new interior design that is focused more on the comfort of the car. On the other hand exterior will be improved to make the car looks stylish. While the engine itself are improved to make the car more reliable and powerful.

If we are talking about the new Honda Crosstour then we need to know about the engine first. First of all the base engine of this car will be a four cylinder engine. The engine will also have an overall 2.4 Liter capacity. This engine itself can generate for more than 192 horsepower at max. Additionally there are also second engine for this car.

The second engine will be featuring a new V6 engine with SOHC I VTEC features. The new engine able to produce for around 278 horsepower. Additionally this powerful engine will also be supported with manual and automatic transmissions system. Other than that this car will also have both AWD variants and 2WD variants as well.

Engine of the car are quite strong and reliable but how about the exterior? Exterior for the new 2017 Honda crosstour is something to be amazed with. The reason is because it has several improvements that mainly improve the car into a better designed car. New body design will make the car feel less crowded and much more compact.

The new compact size of the car has made the car feel more stylish. Not to mention several upgrade that can be seen around the car body. Changes that can be seen include new headlamp design that designed to be much sharper and stylish. Other than that we can also see a more aerodynamics body that will make the body feel much more curved and have better lines.

Finally, moving on to the interior design of the car. The new interior will introduce several new changes especially larger compartment which makes the car interior feel comfortable. There are also several high tech improvements such as new dashboard and also new safety system. The safety system include new security system that will ensure the safety of the passenger as well the driver.

2017 Honda Crosstour Release date and Price

One of the most important part other than the specifications of the car is the release date and price. For the release date this car is expected to be released on 2017. However, the date of the release itself is now known yet. For the price on the other hand, this new 2017 Honda Crosstour will be expected to be released with $28.000 to $38.000 depend on the specs.

2017 Honda Crosstour Interior 2017 Honda Crosstour Price in India 2017 Honda Crosstour Price

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