2017 Toyota Celica GT Price, Specs, Release Date


2017 Toyota Celica has been known as one of the most popular unreleased car by Toyota in this year. Unreleased means that it will be released not too far from now and still undergoing major development and also upgrades. This is why many people are interested to know more about this car in a more detailed manner. Especially about the car specifications and also performance.

2017 Toyota Celica GTS

The performance of this car will be highly improved as the car itself will be having new and better design. The design itself will be heavily inspired from all of the older design of the Celica but with added improvements. Other than the design, interior will also improve as well to give a more comfortable atmosphere and feel as well.

For you who are interested in knowing more about this car then you are lucky. In this article we are going to talk about some interesting improvement and spec for this car. Improvements itself will be divided into exterior, interior and the engine. Other than that we are also going to talk about the release date and price of this car.

2017 Toyota Celica New design in exterior and interior

So, what can we expect from the new 2017 Toyota Celica? There are many kinds of thing that we can expect from this car. But mainly the improvements will be divided into several parts of the exterior. The most important improvements is the new grille design. It now looks more modern and efficient to have better air intakes.

Other than that the new LED light also provide better lighting and the body is nor much smoother than previous engine due to the aerodynamics design. The interior on the other hand is providing better space interior with modern style design. Other important aspect inside the car such as new high tech feature are also present. The features ranges from blue tooth connectivity, touch screen display and more.

2017 Toyota Celica Engine improvements, Release date and Price

Celica new engine is quite interesting and powerful. The new engine that will be applied into the new Celica is going to be turbocharged engine which means it will be having a more powerful performance. The turbocharged engine itself will be a 4 cylinder engine that offer a balanced power output and input. The power output and input are 258 horsepower and 235 torque.

This engine itself will be applied with a different transmission system. According the information that we can gather, the new engine will be supported or accompanied with both automatic and manual transmission system with CVT features. The speed level of the transmission are both the same which is 6 speed level. And in the end it offer a fuel economy of 30 mpg on the highway road.

With all of the above information regarding the car engine, exterior and interior design we now move to the other information. The other information that we will be talking about is of course the release date of this car. This car is predicted to be released on the first year of 2017 which means it will be released not too far from now. While 2017 Toyota Celica will be released on 2017, the price itself will be around $22.000 in its release.

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