2018 Acura CDX Price and Specs in USA


The 2018 Acura CDX will be the successor of the current model of Acura CDX. Honda firstly launched Acura CDX in the 90s. This model became popular from time to time until nowadays. There are many fans of this car around the world.

2018 Acura CDX Chinesse

The model from the first release until the last model makes many people fall in love with it. The upcoming Acura CDX is rumored to have a complete set of changes. Let’s see some of the changes for the upcoming Acura CDX.

2018 Acura CDX Exterior and Interior Design

OF course, the exterior of this new CDX will have some improvements. The exterior design is rumored to be more stylish than the current CDX model. The front side of the new CDX will have a new grill design. It also comes with the new headlights design. The use of LED lights for the upcoming Acura CDX is a must. It will provide good visibility for the driver. T the back end, this car will have a new muffler. It is more stylish and more functional than the previous model.

2018 Acura CDX Front

2018 Acura CDX Rear Angle

The 2018 Acura CDX is categorized as a luxury SUV. The most important feature of a luxury SUV is the comfort of the cabin. It will come with the better cabin than the current model regarding comfort and style. The best leather will be used to cover the seats. The front and the back seats will have the adjustable feature. The safety features of this car are also improved. Some of the modern features of a luxury car are also implemented.

The use of a new touch screen display can be found on the dashboard. The other features of the new Acura CDX can be controlled through the touch screen display on the dashboard. It also functioned for the navigation to provide the weather condition, road, and engine information. Of course, it is also functioned for the entertainment media too.

2018 Acura CDX Interior

2018 Acura CDX Engine Specs

The engine of the new Acura is rumored to be more powerful and more efficient than the current model. It will use a 3.5-liter V6 engine. This engine is capable of producing 290 horsepower and 267 pounds of torque per feet. The fuel consumption is 18 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. The combination of the city used and highway used will be around 21 mpg.

2018 Acura CDX Prices and Release Date

2018 Acura CDX Price

This new Acura CDX is rumored to be released at the end of 2016 or the beginning of 2018. With all of the improvements, the future CDX model will be more expensive than the current model. Some rumors said that it would be priced around $30,000. Surely many fans of 2018 Acura CDX are waiting for the release of this car.

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