2018 Chevy Nova SS Concept and Specs


The 2018 Chevy Nova is expected to hit the market in 2018. This new car still uses the formula classic muscle-car with the modern appearance. The new model is rumored to use the Alpha architecture that will make it similar to the Chevelle model.

2018 Chevy Nova Concept

It may result that the appearance of the upcoming Chevy Nova is not similar to the muscle car. There is some information of the upcoming Chevy Nova that you should know.

2018 Chevy Nova Exterior Redesign

The exterior design of the upcoming Chevy Nova is rumored to be similar wit the Chevy Chevelle. It looks modern and futuristic. On first glance, it will be difficult to identify the new Chevy Nova. It still looks the same as the previous model with a smaller size. The appearance of this Chevy Nova is stylish. It has a large nose with a thin grille. It is equipped with the new LED headlights and large air intake.

2018 Chevy Nova SS

The back side of the Chevy Nova get some changes and improvements. It looks more stylish than the previous Nova model. It will use the new exhaust system. The taillights come with a futuristic design using the LED lights. The body and frame materials get improvements using the lighter and stronger materials than the predecessor.

2018 Chevy Nova Release Date

2018 Chevy Nova Interior Changes and Engine Specs

The interior design of the 2018 Chevy Nova is stylish and futuristic. It is equipped with many modern features and technologies. The dashboard comes with the touchscreen display and some new panels. The new features of Chevy Nova can be controller through the touchscreen display on the dashboard. The touchscreen display also can be used to provide some entertainment. The dashboard and the steering wheel are finished with the premium leather materials.

2018 Chevy Nova Interior

The cabin is very comfortable and stylish. It provides the sufficient space for the driver and passengers head and legs. Then, the seats are covered using the premium leather to make sure the style and the comfort in the cabin. Some modern features such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB ports and premium sound system will provide the best entertainment experience while driving.

There are some rumors about the engine of the next Chevy Nova. The rumors said theta there will be two engine versions. The first one uses the V6 engine and the SS model uses the V8 engine. The V6 engine is capable to produce 335 horsepower and 284 lb-ft of torque. The transmission will be 6-speed manual or 8-speed automatic transmission system.

2018 Chevy Nova Price and Release Date

2018 Chevy Nova SS Concept

The release date of the upcoming Chevy Nova is expected in 2018. There is no any official release date information from Chevy. Then, how about its price? The 2018 Chevy Nova is expected to be priced around $26,500 to $40,000.

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