2018 Ford Excursion Diesel Price, Specs, Release Date


New car has been one of the most important news that we need to be discussed and for the latest 2018 Ford Excursion by Ford is also one of the important news to be talk about. This new car is developed by Ford and will be introducing a lot of new features and also improvements or changes that will conveniently make the car more reliable and also convenient to be used.

2018 Ford Excursion Release Date Rumors

The new Ford Excursion will be a highly anticipated car as it is going to have several new improvements ranges from the new exterior design. Exterior design itself will not only apply new style but also giving it more efficiency. Additionally this car will also improve the interior to make it more stylish and comfortable. Finally for most important improvement we can see that the car will also have improved engine as well.

2018 Ford Excursion Diesel Review

Exterior is one of the most important part of any car, the new car is going to have several new improvements on its exterior design. The new exterior look is now looking much more masculine and also intimidation with its new look. Additionally there are several improved features that will make the car feel much more interesting with the improved features.

The improved features can be seen on the car new front fascia which is now feel more muscular and also stylish. Additionally, the new LED taillights and headlights will make the car feel more interesting and also much more effective to be used as it offer a brand new lighting. Finally the car also offer a more aerodynamics feature which makes it feel more unique and also better.

But how about the interior? Interior for this new Ford Excursion is interesting as it offer several improvements. One of the most important improvements for this new 2018 Ford Excursion is none other than the new and larger interior that also improved with better modern gadgets for our convenience. To make things better the new car will also have increased cargo space as well.

Moving from the exterior and also interior design we go to the engine of the car. This new engine that will be implemented into this car are pretty great. The new engine will introduce a new Eco boost engine with V6 engine that offer 3.5 Liter capacity. The engine can run with 420 torque and 365 horsepower which is pretty good for its own.

Other than the eco boost V6 engine there are also other engine that will be implemented into this car. The V8 engine is much more powerful with 385 horsepower but it offer only 405 torque. This engine will also being implemented with 6 speed of transmission system which makes the car even easier to be handled and drive.

2018 Ford Excursion Release date and Price

After we know about all of the overall specification and also the performance of this new excursion from ford we need to know about the release date and also the price of the car. Yes, this car is released on this year of 2018. On the other hand the price of the new 2018 Ford Excursion will be priced for around $38.000 for its basic model and will be much expensive for higher trim level.

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