2018 Jaguar XK Coupe and Convertible Price


2018 Jaguar XK is one of the variant from Jaguar model that are supposedly to be released on the next year. This car will introduce a variety of improvement that will make the car even better. One of the improvement that we definitely want to see is the engine. And of course this car will be having improvement on the engine that will make the car much more reliable and powerful.

2018 Jaguar XK R Convertible

2018 Jaguar XK Exterior and Interior Redesign

For the exterior design, this Jaguar car will offer new design that are much sleeker and also stylish. The new body are also looking very good with its new aerodynamics design resulted in less friction and better balance. Not to mention that this car exterior front grille are much more appealing and practical with its new design. The new headlights design and rear lights are much more appealing and brighter which is a plus point for this car.

2018 Jaguar XK Coupe Price

Interior on the other hand are enhanced with several improvement ranges from high quality wood material and leather material. There are also aluminum style trim on the car interior which offer modern and futuristic look on the car interior. There are additional ventilated front seat, and steering wheel with heated feature for the driver. Finally, dual control climate control, touch screen LCD and improved navigation system are also presented.

2018 Jaguar XK Convertible Interior

2018 Jaguar XK Engine Specs and changes

As we already know, this new 2018 Jaguar XK will get new and improved engine. But what engine that will be installed into the hood of this new car? The engine that will be applied offer 380 lb-ft of torque as well 3890 horsepower which is V8 engine with 5, 0 liter capacity. This engine will also able to go 60 mph for just 5 second.

2018 Jaguar XK GT Coupe

2018 Jaguar XK Price, Release date and Safety Features

Arriving as one of the Jaguar variety, this sport car will surely make people want to know more about this car. This car is supposedly to be released on the year of 2018. However, it can be much faster than people anticipated as this car is under development. Other than the release date, it is known that this car will be priced for around $ price tag but it can still changes upon release.

2018 Jaguar XK Convertible Price

The safety features that are installed into this Jaguar car is not clear until now. However, we can expect several standard safety features such as collision detection system, parking assist system, security system and also safety bag. Other than that then we need to full information and notification from the official. Whatever the results on the end, it will prove to enhance the safety of this 2018 Jaguar XK.

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