2018 Toyota Avensis Redesign, Release Date and Specs


Although Toyota is well known for cheap-cars manufacturer, it can also produce luxurious and high class sedan. It is performed well on the concept of 2018 Toyota Avensis that will be officially introduced around 2018.

2018 Toyota Avensis Estate

2018 Toyota Avensis comes as the leading luxurious sedan from Toyota. Before this, Toyota mostly concentrates in producing affordable and low specs vehicle. These efforts are made in order to fulfill the middle class people toward the need of a cheap car.

After the income are improved well, Toyota is concentrating in making the best styled car to be released I 2018. It is such a great product, especially when you know all its specification, features and all elements that re added. This Avensis is better than any of its predecessors. It is clearly shown on the exterior design as its first impression.

The Elegant Touch on 2018 Toyota Avensis

The exterior touch is so worth for such a luxurious sedan. It wrapped with a fresh, elegant and curved corners on almost all of the areas. It represents high values and styles for the car itself. Some curved corners are purposed to improve the aerodynamic system of the car.

It means that Toyota does not only apply different design for 2018 Toyota Avensis. All the parts are also designed to fulfill the maximum function as well. This version is having window tinted glass as the new elements. It also supported with receptacle wiper on the front glass. When you see at the headlights and tail lights, you will also feel that this car is too perfect.

2018 Toyota Avensis Interior and Engine Specs

For interior, you can taste various function from the presence of touch screen display, climate control, airbags, audio system, parking sensors, telescoping steering wheel and many more. After you realize many great items on interior of Toyota Avensis 2018, it does not mean that you can ignore the power train. It has some new elements such as the presence of 1.6 liter engine capacity. This engine may give you 132 horsepower and 118 lb. ft. of torque. This power will bring your car into its highest speed without leaving the passenger’s comfort.

As the additional choice, you can also pick the 1.8 liter engine version. These secondary engine variants will give you 147 horsepower and 133 of torque. Then, the latest variants will be 2.0 liter engine with 153 horsepower and 133 lb. ft. of torque as the main support. Well, it is really interesting to have that engine capacity on the new Avensis. It will be the most appropriate luxury sedan to choose because the car is not only offer the style and appearance. It stress also on speed, power and strength. You can prepare about $30,500 to own 2018 Toyota Avensis.

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