2019 BMW i8 Price, Top Speed, Interior, Specs, Release Date


The 2019 BMW i8 is a modern hybrid sports car. It has a futuristic design for both the exterior and interior. As a sports car, it has a great fuel consumption.

As a modern futuristic, it’s very stylish both outside and inside. The design of this car is exceptional. Driving this BMW i8 will make you as the center of attraction on the road when you are driving this car.

2019 BMW i8 Price

Of course, you will get a very powerful hybrid engine from BMW i8. It will have good acceleration and top speed. It’s truly a perfect combination of style, technology, and engine.

There are many rumors about the new BMW i8. Many people, BMW fans, and also car enthusiast are waiting for the launch of this car. They want to see a great combination of a future car.

2019 BMW i8 Price

BMW has not announced the information for the price of the new BMW i8. But, many car enthusiasts predict that it will be priced starting from $140,000. If you are interested buying the 2019 BMW i8, you should prepare your budget from now on.

2019 BMW i8 Spider Redesign

Okay, it’s the time to look at the exterior design. If it is the first time you look at the BMW i8, you will be surprisingly amazed. You will fall in love with the exterior design of this car.

It has a very stunning body design. Make it looks superior to any other cars. In the upcoming BMW i8, there are some changes to the exterior.

Although the body size and dimension are still the same as the current model, it will have less weight. The aluminum and fiber will be used to make the body, the chassis, and the other parts. It will reduce the overall bodyweight.

Once again, the futuristic design of this car is stunning and outstanding. Let’s the front panel of this car. It will use the laser headlights.

BMW places the laser headlights perfectly under the bumper. It gives an aggressive and sporty look to this hybrid car. The grills come with iconic butterfly design that.

To give more strong and powerful appearance, the 2019 BMW i8 has a big bumper. At the back of the car, there will be stylish taillights. It also brings the new exhaust design.

2019 BMW i8 Interior Details

After we get some information about the exterior design, let’s move to the interior design. The interior design is also sporty and stylish. It uses the premium materials for the dashboard and the cabin.

You will find the comfortable seats covered in premium leather. It offers both style and comfort to you. The cabin is also large enough for your leg and your head.

The dashboard comes with some improvements. There will be some futuristic digital panels to help when driving this elegant car. There is also a touchscreen display with the 3D view.

You can find much information regarding the real-time car condition, the navigation system, and the weather condition. If you want to know the weather condition, you can also get it from the touchscreen display.

You will also find many futuristic technologies in the cabin. There will be HD radio system, Wi-Fi connection, and also 4G connection. You can connect your Apple or Android devices to control some features of this car, including the entertainment feature.

2019 BMW i8 Engine Specs

Let’s see the engine specification of this new BMW i8. There are two engine types. The first one is a 2.0-liter engine for the basic model. It can produce up to 300 horsepower with 200 horsepower from the electrical motor.

The second engine will be a 3.0-liter engine. It can deliver up to 480 horsepower with 108 horsepower from the electrical motor. Both of the engines will use a nine-speed transmission system.

This car has good acceleration. BMW i8 can reach from 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds. And surely it also has a good fuel consumption. What a futuristic modern sedan.

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