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2019 Ford Ranger included as future truck released by Ford. Ranger is one of series produced by Ford that is popular. For new Ranger, there will be many improvements that will be given. It’s really important for us to know about any changes that will be implemented.

2019 Ford Ranger Compact Pickup will Returns

Ford still doesn’t give any hints about it. However, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to know more about it. there are several information released and most of them are rumors. Some people predict it based on several things that will help us to guess about the car.

2019 Ford Ranger Raptor Review

For its look, there are several things that are going to be applied. The first thing that we can see is, the truck will be set for sporty look. it’s a bit different than the thing that we usually see. Thus, it becomes an interesting point that we will talk here.

The other thing that is interesting to talk is about its engine. As a truck, Ranger must have a strong engine that can help the truck while crossing any types of terrain. For this part, we guess that Ford may have several changes through the engine.

There are several kinds of engine that are reported for this part. The first candidate is, TDCi engine 5 cylinder that is able to generate 197 HP. Small Horsepower might be a disadvantage for the truck but, Ford may provide more efficient technology for it.

The second candidate comes from Durator TDCi 2.2L that provides smaller HP production than the first one. The second engine is able to deliver 158 HP. It’s smaller than the first one but, it’s still unknown whether it will be available as second engine or just a prediction.

The other engine that is also predicted is, 2.5 L Duratec that is able to generate 163 HP. Through the third engine, it’s still few things that can be known through some candidates mentioned. All candidate will receive same transmission system, 6 speed automatic.

We may still mesmerize with the old look of 2019 Ford Ranger. But it’s time for us to forget it because, there are many things that come to us about the truck. First, the car is said to have Ford Atlas platform. It will come with sporty look at its exterior.

Though it will be seen as sporty truck, Ford doesn’t forget to keep its elegance and aggressive look through its exterior. It can be seen through its bodyline that looks really cool with nice curve that is set on front part.

As the other part, the car also comes with bigger place on the back. It becomes a good thing that can help us to place more things on the back so, it’s really important for us to do it.

The exterior is set bigger so, it becomes a huge advantage for the car’s cabin. The cabin will have bigger place for any people that sit inside. Therefore, you may feel comfortable with it. besides, you can also feel better while sitting inside with nice arrangement seen on the dashboard.

The other thing that we also hope for is about the car’s feature. We hope for the latest feature placed inside so, it becomes great thing for having the latest feature seen on the car’s technology.

2019 Ford Ranger Release date and price

The release date and price of truck is still unknown, but there is a rumor says that 2019 Ford Ranger will be cost around $50.000s.

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