2019 Ford Thunderbird Release Date and Specs


When we first hear that ford will be having several news 2019 series car to be revamped and updated one of the most anticipated car is the 2019 Ford Thunderbird. Thunderbird has been a popular series in the Ford car series. This make the car to have many fans that are waiting for this car to be improved for further improvements in the modern day.

The new improvement that is made into this car will be ranged from the new exterior design, interior design as well engine. With all of these improvement we can be sure that the car will be able to satisfy our needs. Of course, the information about the features and improvements is not really complete. Fortunately, we have some of the most important news regarding the features for this car.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Convertible Rumors

2019 Ford Thunderbird Exterior, Interior and Engine

The new car exterior is quite unique as it provides us with better and latest style. There are several important improvements that are made into the car exterior. It ranges from new large front grilles that representing the modern design with new futuristic design. And of course, new front bumper with better front fascia and LED technology also included in the redesign of this car.

The new interior, on the other hand makes the car to be much more interesting and also unique. It can be seen on the larger interior design with some interesting new materials for the upholstery. Better and more advanced navigation system that allow you to get the latest information of the car status. And of course entertainment system integrated flawlessly into the car for your amusements

For the engine, this car has been upgraded with the latest and advanced engine of V8 engine. The V8 engine will be having 3.2 liter capacity and will be supported with VVT technology as well. The engine capable of 280 horsepower and 380 torque power. The use of transmission for this car is going to be automatic.

2019 Ford Thunderbird Price, Release date and Safety Features

For the price and release date, the news itself are quite unknown. However, we are able to gather some information regarding it and it is revealed that the car will be priced for around $38.500 price tag. It is heavily influenced by the specifications especially engine system. On the other hand, the news regarding its release is pretty scarce and the most useful information we can get is that it will be released on 2019.

For the safety features that this car has to offer, it is known that this car will be having several new upgrades. The upgrades will make the car safer to be driven. Additionally, the interior will also include new airbags system which is much more effective and also safer. In overall, the safety features of this new 2019 Ford Thunderbird is something that we want in this modern day.

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