2019 GMC Yukon XL Denali Sneak Peek Preview


When we are talking about a long lasting car series, then the 2019 GMC Yukon can be considered as one of them. This new car is a continuation of the previous GMC Yukon that already has a share of history that makes it great. The car of course, will be revamped to make it more modern and also better. With all of these in minds, the developer want to create this car to be much better.

2019 GMC Yukon XL Denali Release Date

The improvements that will be applied into the new GMC Yukon will be spread into several different parts. The first parts is the exterior design which will be focused on style and also efficiency. The second parts will be the interior design and its related issues that focused on comfort and also safety. Finally, the last parts is none other than the engine that focused on power and overall performance.

2019 GMC Yukon XL Exterior, Interior and Engine

For the exterior design the new GMC Yukon will take some simple route to improve its body design. It can be seen on some of the update that will be altered into the car front and rear side. For the front side the new front grille is changed as well the bumper and also head lamps. On the other hand, the rear side will also get some interesting improvements in the form of back bumper as well new paint work for the whole body.

Tech and also equipment with advanced technology is one of the improvements that will be fitted into the new GMC Yukon interior. It ranges from the car new rear view camera, navigation system that are much more effective and also stability control completed with USB and Wi-Fi system. Other than the high tech features this car will also feature one of the most comfortable interior with its larger compartment.

For the power train, this car will have similar but improved engine from the previous series. The car first engine will be a V8 engine with 5.3 liter capacity that is capable of generating 355 horsepower. On the other hand, the second engine is going to be much more powerful. The second engine is a V8 engine with 6.2 liter engine capacity with 420 horsepower at it maximum power.

2019 GMC Yukon Denali Price, Release date and Safety Features

So for the price and release date, this car information about these two topic is scarce at best. However, according to some various information we can get an estimated price of this car price. The car price will be expected at the price of $70.000 due to the specifications and changes of this car. While the release date is expected at the end or the middle of 2017 next year.

One of the most important features that usually being neglected by many car developer is the safety features of the car. However, fortunately enough this new car by GMC will also have some interesting upgrade on its safety features. The safety features that will be applied for this 2019 GMC Yukon is going to be a sensor system in the form of collision detection, parking sensor and airbags safety system.

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