2019 Honda Civic Type R Price and Specs


One of the most anticipated car release in future has arrived, 2019 Honda Civic Type R. We’re not overreacting in describing the car since, the car is really awaited by many people out there. Civic Type R is said as Civic’s brother that starts to gain attention since, the dead of S2000. Honda was making a huge decision by making Civic Type R and its decision can be said as right one. For 2019 market, Honda will once again try itself to make a great ride that can satisfy lots of people.

2019 Honda Civic Type R Specs

2019 Honda Civic Type R Specs and Engine

i-VTEC Turbo 2.0 L will be the main source of the car’s power. With this engine, the car is able to reach 300 HP as its maximum power. The other power also comes from 6 velocity transmission system that can deliver more powerful acceleration for the car.

There are also several rumors about the car’s performance. The car’s rumored for having smoother performance with the addition of front suspension outline. It will give comfortable performance for the driver.

It’s still unclear whether Honda will go for redesign or still use the old design for 2019 Honda Civic Type R. Based on some pictures released, all we can say for now is, Honda seems to be loyal by retaining the old predecessor’s design for Type R.

Thought there will be lack of change for the car’s exterior, there are several things that we note that it will be changed. First, it’s all about the car’s design that will be changed a bit and some additions added on some parts of car.

We hope that Honda will give newer features for the car’s entertainment system. Great entertainment system will make everyone feels really comfortable while sitting inside. Besides, safety system becomes a must and an important thing for Honda to plan about it.

The other thing that we also hope for Honda to give a good improvement is about the car’s cabin. What kind of things that we hope for it? Modern and minimalist design which is newer than its predecessor. It becomes the main theme that is always implemented by Honda for Civic.

2019 Honda Civic Type R Release date and price

Based on some rumors, 2019 Honda Civic Type R may arrive at the middle of 2017 with several kinds of price possibilities started from $30.000 with some possibilities of price change in the future.

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