2019 Honda Fit Turbo Release Date, Rumors, Review


With the release in Auto Show recently, it is official that Honda will release the newest version of the 2019 Honda Fit. Things will keep the same as the 2018 model whether it is the design, engine and the price. Going with the hatchback model, it faces tough competition on the market. There are many vehicles with the same specs but offering lower price. However, Honda makes the car to be one level above average with its design and the engine.

2019 Honda Fit Hybrid Rumors

2019 Honda Fit Engine Specs and Performance

In all the trims of the car, even the Sport trim, 2019 Honda Fit offers the same powertrain. Although what Honda did seem a bit off than most of the brands out there, Honda believe that with such econobox car, it is a reasonable thing to do. The engine for the car is the 1.5-liter V4 which is also the same as the previous model. As for the transmission it will be using the CVT option.

The engine for the car can generate about 130 Horse Power and 114 pounds-feet of torque. Despite being relatively smaller in terms of power, Honda claims that the millage of the car is what makes it a great choice. For the fuel-efficiency, it is rated 33 mpg on the city ride, 40 on the highway and 36 mpg combined. Seeing the number, it is almost sure that the car is one of the most efficient cars out there.

2019 Honda Fit Exterior and Interior Redesign

Looking at the car, the dimension of the car will somewhat look confusing. The tall height is hidden with the pint-sized design. The sweeping shape from the front bumper to the roofline also creates illusion for the car to appear longer. Even though the shape is meant to improve the visibility on the front and side, some find the large C-pillars block the back angles. The wheels for the base trim is 15-inch wheels, the sport trim is using 16-inch wheels while the top trim is using 16-inch alloy wheels.

Being in the hatchback category, the car is having four-door body with simple and clear design. On the interior side, the front seats might feel a bit crampy due to the big touchscreen and the position of the transmission pedal. However, with such a design, it enables for more space for the head and the leg.

2019 Honda Fit Price and Release

The car comes in various trim such as LX, Sport, EX and EX-L which have different price individually. The base trim, the LX model can be obtained with purchasing about $17.000 while the most expensive is only around $20.000. The 2019 Honda Fit already hit the dealer by April 30th so it is already available on the market today.

2019 Honda Fit LX Manual Hatchback 2019 Honda Fit RS Sport Hybrid2019 Honda Fit Interior Photos

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