2019 Honda HRV Turbo Redesign, Changes and Rumors


As we already know, Honda is known as one of the important and famous developer in terms of vehicle. Their latest project includes the addition of 2019 Honda HRV. This new vehicle will be having some serious upgrades from the previous series which means it will make the car much better. The improvements will be focusing on the car performance and also its comfort as well.

2019 Honda HRV Redesign and Refresh

Exterior and interior will be one of the focus that are planned by Honda for this new HRV. The new car will feature many interesting improvements that will make the car better in terms of appeal and also performance. This will make the car a better version of the previous car which is a good point. Therefore, without further ado, here are some of the improvement regarding the car changes that we can give.

2019 Honda HRV Exterior, Interior and Engine

To make things simple, Honda will have some inspiration from the new Honda Fit design. It means the new HRV will be much more compact in terms of appearance. The design of the body is also much more streamlined or having better aerodynamics design. Other than that, we can expect modern day grille design and also modern LED lighting for more appealing design.

The cabin inside will be having some improvements as well, the new improvements ranges from brand new infotainment system, and better material for the interior design. This will make the inside of the car much more comfortable. Not to mention there are also a variety of new entertainment system and high tech features as well.

For the engine, this car will include a variety of new improvements ranges from the car inline 4 that have 1.8 liter engine with 150 horsepower and around 140 horsepower as well. This engine will come with manual transmission or CVT system. The engine will also have 6 speed of gear in order to make the car much more reliability.

2019 Honda HRV Price, Release date and Safety Features

For the price and release date information, this car has been quite secretive. However, after some time to researching and gather information we have been predicted the car to be released on the year 2017. Unfortunately, the exact date of the car release is still unknown until now. The price on the other hand is expected to be around $ based on its performance

The new safety and features of this car is also become the main focus for this car. According to the information we can get, we can expect new ranges of safety system inside the car such as airbags system and mechanism. Other than that the new 2019 Honda HRV will have updated safety in the forms of parking sensor.

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