2019 Hyundai EQUUS Review, Interior and Price


There is no need to persuade you that 2019 Hyundai EQUUS is the finest luxury car which can fulfill your dream. Powered by a Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI), EQUUS can lead up to 429-horsepower with V8 engine, along with the additional featured as advanced 8-speed automatic transmission that is ready to bring the driver to deliver smooth power.

2019 Hyundai Equus First Look

In the other hand, in order to cover EQUUS both into traditional luxury car and also high-performance sport sedan, EQUUS is given with a well-balanced and rear-wheel-drive layout.

2019 Hyundai Equus Review

As a driver, it is normal to consider about the road conditions, whether the car can be driven through or not. However, as if you are choosing EQUUS as your driving partner, the usage of Electronically-controlled Air Suspension (EAS)—as an upgrade version on Lexus LS 460, helps to maintain the consistency of vehicle height and pitch, which leads into the consistent and comfortable ride, despite every kind of road conditions. It is proved by the front bumper and grille which has staggered-width 19-inch multi-spoke wheels as deliberate lines.

In order to strengthen the typical shock, this 2019 Hyundai EQUUS is having more sophisticated typical shock as CDC, known as Continuous Damping Control (CDC), is being equipped into this high-performance sport sedan, and ready to increase the ride comfort.

In addition, the usage of CDC also can make driving dynamics at the same time since the body roll is being minimize, so it can make stable acceleration and deceleration, as well as steady and also smooth. If you are asking for more high-performance feel from this car, just select the Sport Mode, for a firm, and enjoy the responsive and convenient ride.

The usage of 8-speed automatic transmission becomes additional feature where the high-performance transmission comes from. In the other hand, the usage of precise gear ratios and lightweight component, both being wrapped in automatic or SHIFTRONIC manual-shift mode, also can increase the fuel efficiency and responsiveness, ever since the capability of the car to achieve the torque converter lock-up.

2019 Hyundai EQUUS Exterior Redesign

So, how about the exterior features? Well, there would be such jaw drops whenever the specification comes into the exterior features of 2019 Hyundai EQUUS. Start from the main feature, multi-view camera system, displayed on the central in-dash of the navigation screen, it is able to provide a 360-degree view around the car. The term of ‘leather everything’ also refers to the interior features, which also lead another term that EQUUS is a new kind of luxury.

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