2019 Infiniti Q100 Price and Concept Review


For Coupe market, 2019 Infiniti Q100 is said to be one of the participants that will join in. Released as classy and exclusive coupe car, Infinity should be really smart in preparing any changes that will be given to the car. In this case, we predict that there are several huge changes that are implemented on Q100. What kind of change that is going to be implemented? Without further ado, let’s find out more from some explanations explained below.

2019 Infiniti Q100 Concept Specs

2019 Infinity Q100 Changes on Design and Engine

Infinity works really hard at this sector. As its hark work, Infinity is going to release hybrid engine for the car. Based on the information, the company is said to give V6 Twin turbo that is able to deliver 600 HP and 553 as its torque production.

As the complement, there is a automatic transmission that accompany the main engine. Besides, there are also other things that will be given for the car later. Based on some information that are stated before, we know that this car will be a beast on road.

Exotic bodyline is the first impression comes by seeing 2019 Infiniti Q100. Based on the concept picture, the car looks really futuristic with aerodynamic bodyline. Besides, silver metallic color is chosen as the main color of car even there will be possibility that the car will get other colors.

Infiniti also redesigns the car in whole new bodyline design. It’s really curvy which is seen from its front and rear part. Front and rear lamp are looked really cool with nice shape. The last thing that we see is about its glass that merged that looked like a futuristic car comes from future.

It’s still being a mystery about what kind of cabin produced by the company. However, we are sure that it will be as big as the exterior. In this case, we will try to predict about some changes that will be given by the company for the cabin.

First, it’s all about car’s visual that will be looked really elegant and luxurious with the utilization of high quality material. The cabin should be arranged really neat without any elements that will make it looked crowd. The other thing is, there will be advanced technology system given for the car’s safety and entertainment feature.

2019 Infiniti Q100 Release date and price

The last question is, how much is this car? Based on some information given, the car might be cost for $150.000 and there will be a change later since it’s not official yet. Besides, the release date of 2019 Infiniti Q100 is not yet announced so, people need to wait for it.

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