2019 Lincoln Continental Price, Release Date and Concept


2019 Lincoln Continental is another hot rumor that surprises everyone. The last generation of Continental was released back at 2002. Yet, the information of 2019 Continental has started to arise among many people.

It’s started to be a big news that make everyone wonders about how Lincoln can bring back the fame that they got in 2002 back there. Continental was really successful known as elegant and lavish cars that is favored by anyone.

2019 Lincoln Continental Black Label

It’s been 14 years since, the last generation of Continental was released so, Lincoln has a big job to bring it back on the scene. What Lincoln should do? Lincoln decides to take the challenge in preparing the car in the best condition.

Therefore, we like to see for any improvements given to the car. By seeing the improvements, we can get many information about any changes that will be given to the car. Besides, there could be several things that will surprise us so, get yourself ready for it.

2019 Lincoln Continental Engine

First, we will talk about the engine. Many people have a big hope for Continental to get a strong engine. However, Lincoln may have several reasons about why they decide to put V6 Cyclone 3.7 L. Besides, there is also other possibility if it will be changed with 4 cylinder 2.3 Ecoboost.

The top version of Continental is rumored for having V6 3.5 L that can provide more powerful performance than the 2 previous one. It’s still really hard to know about which one that will be taken as the basic engine.

All three engine will be coupled with 9 speed automatic transmission. A huge transmission system will give a big boost and comfortable riding system for anyone. In this case, it will be a big thing for the car to get it.

You must be surprised when seeing the exterior of 2019 Lincoln Continental. The exterior looks really simple. Its minimalist turns into a big power that can turn out the luxurious nuance on the car’s exterior there.

On the outside, there are also several features that are given by Lincoln. One of interesting features that is available, A huge luggage that can be a good place to place any items there. Besides, the door is designed really nice with suicide car door that is really unique.

As another element put on the car’s headlamp and taillamp, Continental turns into a strong and luxurious car that can amaze everyone. This car becomes a great choice for any people that love to get classy and classic Continental.

2019 Lincoln Continental Interior

How about the inside of car? It could be more mesmerizing than the outer part. In this case, we are going to see for anything that is placed inside the car. Inside the car, There is a plenty of spaces provided inside.

The cabin looks really spacious and it can be a great feature that can make everyone feels comfortable. The other thing that we also wait is about the car’s features. There could be various things put on the car’s panel for the car’s entertainment and safety.

Release date and price

Based on some news, 2019 Lincoln Continental might be released at 2019 without any information about price release yet.

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